Earthquake hits Istanbul: Largest City of Turkey trembles at 5.8 Magnitude

The largest city of Turkey has been shaken by an earthquake once again. Nevertheless, this time, the magnitude of the earthquake was around 5.7; further, this had led to maximum panic among Turkey’s citizen. The recent reports are suggesting that the tremors which originated from the earthquake were easily felt across several neighboring cities.

The Kandilli Observatory & Earthquake Research Institute of the country also said that the hypocentre of the earthquake which hit Turkey, Istanbul’s massive city had a point of origin from around 70Kms. In addition to this, the epicenter was found out to come from Silivri’s notable southernmost town. The Disaster & Emergency Management Authority came forward with a statement said that the quake took place in the popular Marmara sea at around 13:59 P.M local time. Moreover, the quake took place 6.9KM below the surface of the earth. Turkey has become a focal point for getting inflicted with earthquakes at regular intervals.

Earthquakes around Turkey is a normal thing

istanbul earthquake

Some of the experts are saying are Earthquake across different places in Turkey is turning into a regular phenomenon. Beforehand, more than 200 people were reportedly killed and over 1000 people were injured when a powerful earthquake of 7.2 magnitudes hit the southeastern region of Turkey back on the 23rd of October, 2019. Additionally, the most powerful earthquake that was ever recorded in Turkey collapsed dozens of buildings around the transcontinental country.

Similarly, back in the year 1999, an earthquake of 7.6 of total magnitude had hit the famous Izmit city. During this incident, over 17,000 people of Turkey were reportedly killed. In addition to this, tens of thousands of people were injured and the city was inflicted with chaos and mundane.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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