DUSU Polls Result 2019 | ABVP Scores 3 Seats for the Second Time while NSUI got one

In Delhi University Students Union among the four seats, three was won over by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) affiliated students political branch Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) affiliated by National Congress, got one seat.

Right after the victory, they were celebrating with Dhol and showering Lotus petals all over the winners before the counting centre, Kingsway Camp towards the University’s Art Faculty from where they will take their march of Victory.

Akshit Dahiya, Pradeep Tanwar, and Shivangi Kharwal were the winners from the side of ABVP. They bagged top positions such as President, Vice President, and Joint Secretary respectively. The NSUI winner Ashish Lamba secured the role of the College union Secretary. This is for the second time in a row ABVP winning the College Union Elections.

The counting of the polls started around 9:30 AM which was one hour late than expected and lasted until 1:00 PM. The counting had been delayed due to several allegations about the malfunction of the voting machine as well as the delay in Candidates appearance. The counting was paused due to the technical issues with the screens showing live counting. It was only resumed at 10:30 AM after one of the screens started functioning.

An astonishing fact is that voting per cent is only 39.90 per cent while last year it was 44.46 per cent. 1.3 lakh students had the eligibility to vote for the elections. The obvious occurrence of violence in the time of counting on the previous years was countered with more than 400 police personnel patrolling the campus grounds.

A total of 16 candidates among which four were women, contested in 52 polling stations spread all over the campus. Over 144 Electronic Voting Machines were used for Students’ Union Elections while 137 EVMs were used for College Union Polls. The absence of a huge chunk of voters is reportedly their indifference to college politics, weather, and the election day was a declared holiday.


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