Duniya Vijay’s Salaga Movie Getting Postponed Due To 50% Seat occupancy in Cinema Halls

The government’s U-turn on probation on seating limit in cinema halls due to COVID may have come as a bit of alleviation to the group of small movies. Yet, makers of a few impending huge budget Kannada projects like “SALAGA” are hesitant to release their films.

The most awaited Kannada film ‘Salaga,” which was released in the movie theaters on April 15, is now postponed because of 50% occupancy of seats in cinema halls. This present film’s group wants to direct the film’s pre-discharge work at Hosapete on April 10. The next movie is directed by Vijay and is supported by K P Srikanth. This is the debut film by actor Duniya Vijay. Sanjana Anand will play the female lead inverse Duniya Vijay in the movie.

Duniya Vijay' Salaga

About The Movie:

This is the first-ever executive film by actor Duniya Vijay. For as long as a few days, the trailer and songs of Salaga have acquired a lot of ubiquity among the crowd via youtube and social media. Charan Raj has created the music for the film. The title song and Suri anna have turned into a sensation via social media.

Known as the ‘Black Cobra’ of the Kannada movie industry and debuting as a director, his fans have elevated the requirement of the film. The film has been made by KP Srikanth and stars Sanjana Anand as lead cast members.

Is there any possibility of an OTT release?

People contemplated whether the creators would choose an OTT release considering the misfortunes brought about by 50% seat occupancy in theaters. Be that as it may, actor and director Duniya Vijay has dispelled any confusion about this disarray. The entertainer has said that this film could never get delivered on OTT.


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