Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date, New Episodes and other details

It was pretty heartbreaking to witness the end of one of the best series in the Dragon Ball franchise. The anime series had run its course back in March 2018. The Universal Survival was the last ever arc to feature, which had quite a satisfying ending. Bittersweet, to be honest. So, some people haven’t moved on because the Super Saiyan fights, struggles, and friendships ended with the 131st episode.

It’s time to get over the anime’s heartrending parting, which shaped 70% of millennials across the world. The good news is that Akira Toriyama has been associated with the manga since Dragon Ball Super, and it was better than Dragon Ball GT. Moreover, Toriyama has been working on Dragon Ball Super’s future and has reportedly curated a couple of entirely new arcs. By the looks of it, the two arcs are already available in Manga. And now fans are wondering Dragon Ball Super will feature new episodes.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

The action shonen Dragon Ball Super is entirely alive as the manga introduces new chapters. In case long-time fans are trying to keep up the development of and execution of manga, they should already be aware that there might be a chance that an entirely new season might be on the way—everything that you need to know about the latest episodes in the new season of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super: What is the date of release for the new episodes?

The manga still managed to bring new stories, which were released monthly after the premiere 131-episode. On the other hand, fans have been waiting in anticipation whether Toei Animation would release new episodes. Toei animation is yet to make an official announcement regarding the season’s release as far as the official information goes.

Several speculations suggest that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 might release sometime in the Winter of 2021, exactly three years after Dragon Ball Super’s premiere: Broly in Japan. Yes, Broly is alive. Fans are still hopeful of the fact that there will be an official announcement, primarily by mid-2021.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Will the new season have new villains or the old ones?

The most important thing about the Universal Survival arc was that the saga was an integral part of the acclaimed Galactic Patrol Prisoner. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner, the Z-fighters travel to space and then reach Earth. The arc further introduces Moro, a goat-looking wizard who is villainous. The origin of Moro goes back to the Kid Buu saga. When Goku destroyed Kid Buu, Grand Supreme Kai’s magic put on Moro to keep him in prison broke. This aided Moro in breaking out of the prison and wreak havoc.

Once this saga is covered, Dragon Ball Super will explore Granolah Survivor Sage, which introduces the only survivor from the Cerealian race put into genocide by the Saiyan army. If Toei brings the second season of Dragon Ball Super, then the episodes will be fun!

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