Don’t Say No Episode 12: Here’s Everything You Need To Know With Plot Summary

When it comes to Korean drama, nobody can stop themselves from watching it, and they are one of the best leading dramas to watch. People from all around the world love Korean dramas and also looking forward to watching every type of it. Don’t Say No, which is being loved by its fans is one of the Korean Drama that is creating a fuss all over the globe. It is one of the most popular series which is making its way towards the audience and viewers.

Because of its early release and compatible/Relating Storyline, the series has gathered more views than expected. “Don’t Say No is the only thing we can’t afford to miss” was said by many, well let’s find out Whether it’s worth watching or just attempting to hype up.

Everything You Should Know About Don’t Say No

Don’t say No is a Thai-based Korean drama that is scheduled to release all of its 12 episodes. The drama has managed to complete over 11 episodes. The show’s title is based upon” When The Hearts Are Close Together,” which is a typical spinoff of the Tharn Type 2:7 Years Of Love.

Don’t Say No Episode 12: Here's Everything You Need To Know With Plot Summary

The Don’t Say No story revolves around the Two of the main protagonists, including flat and Leo, who have feelings for each other from their first meeting, but they are too afraid to confess the same to each other. The 12 episodes of Don’t say No depict their complications of two individuals’ lives, which is full of twist and turn at every point.

What can You Expect from Don’t Say No

 The show beautifully demonstrates the connection between two people who are in love with each other but cannot say so because they are too afraid of what will be their result when they do so. Fans who love Korean drama know that all of their romantic getaways is something one should not miss.

Whether You Should Watch or Not?

There are fair chances to say that you can’t miss watching. Don’t Say No, too,  as the story takes the twist when fiat tells the pun that he is from a wealthy family. Someday he is eventually going to get marry so. This opens up the line of the hopes in Leo’s life. The destiny was returned in their favor so does what you will witness in the 12th episode.

Whether or Not is Worth Watching the Episode 12?  

As mentioned earlier, the Korean romantic getaway is always best, so as the Don’t Say No 12th and final episode, which is ch because it finally shows that event despite all the difficulty and misunderstandings, Leo and fiat gets back together and vow to spend their lives with each other and to solve the problems for the rest of their life, on the other hand, fans will witness the failure of the king plan, which is like a  bonus in the final episode of Don’t Say No.


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