Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 2 Featuring A November 7 Release Date & More

The news of the renewal of Doctor Who for its thirteenth season came in November 2019. It will be the last season for Chris Chibnall, who is the executive producer and the head writer of the show. In this season, there will be a total of 6 episodes, and Azhur Saleem and Jamie Magnus Stone direct all.

Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 2, titled War of the Sontarans, has clarified the episode’s plot. By the name only, we can guess about the plot of this episode. A battle is just around the corner, and by that, we mean the Crimean War. Doctor Who is the best in combining Sci-Fi with history. So, the audiences may take away some knowledge with them after viewing this episode.

Release Date of Episode 2 of Season 13 of Doctor Who

The episodes of Doctor Who Season 13 will air exclusively on BBC America at 8 p.m. EDT/ 5 p.m. PDT/ 6 p.m. CDT/ 1 a.m. BST. The viewers living in America can watch the show on BBC America, and those living in the UK can enjoy it on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Recap of Episode 1 of Season 13 of Doctor Who

The first episode of this new season opened up with Doctor Who was searching for the Timeless Child’s unrevealed things. This proves that this season will be based on the retroactive continuity of the Timeless Child. Doctor Who is trying to learn about the Division, a Time Lord group, and he also dig up the whereabouts of Karvanista (an alien). Later, a doctor found out that he belonged to the race Lupari who were about to conquer the Earth.

Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 2 Featuring A November 7 Release Date & More

The Doctor and Yaz were companions on many adventures. Graham and Ryan left the TARDIS, which means that the Doctor is probably keeping some things confidential. She has not revealed the reasons behind why she wanted to approach Karvanista. Instead of directly having a conversation, she freed Dan by sending Yaz while talking with Karvanista in solitary. It seems that Karvanista is the last alive agent of the Division, and the Doctor is on the trail of this Time Lord group. 

Expected Plot of Episode 2 of Doctor Who Season 13

Earlier BBC had confirmed the title of episode 2 and that it will be placed around the Crimean War. As per the official synopsis of this episode, Doctor Who will come to know about the ally of the British army in the Crimean War. The British army is fighting along with the ferocious alien army of Sontarans. Dan and Yaz have to fight for their lives. The questions that will be discovered in this episode will be regarding the Temple of Atropos and about the Mouri.

The aliens or the Sontarans belong from the planet Sontar and are aggressive war-loving clones. They have been seen on the show multiple times and were first seen in the 1970s. This journey will take its toll on Dan (played by John Bishop, who was introduced in this season). We’re just on episode 2 of season 13 and are already witnessing a wicked battle.

The Cast of Doctor Who Season 13

In the thirteen seasons of Doctor Who, we see Jodie Whittaker in the role of Thirteenth Doctor, Mandip Gill in the role of Yasmin Khan, Jacob Anderson in the role of Vinder, and John Bishop in the role of Dan Lewis.

Name of some of the guest actors of this season includes Thaddea Graham, Robert Bathurst, Blake Harrison, Craig Parkison, Kevin McNally, Annabel Scholey, Sara Powell, Gerald Kyd, Rochenda Sandall, Penelope Ann McGhie, Sam Spruell, Steve Oram, Craige Els, Jonathan Watson, Nadia Albina, Paul Broughton, and Sue Jenkins.

Where can you watch Episode 2 of Doctor Who Season 13?

The episodes of Doctor Who Season 13 will air exclusively on BBC America. The episodes can also be watched on the official website of BBC America- BBC America is also available on AMC+ (the streaming platform). Other than AMC+, the show is also available on HBO Max.


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