Doctor Who Season 12 Release Date, The Plot, And All You Got To Know

The Doctor Who can be described as a science fiction adventure drama series that telecasts on BBC. The series follows science fiction and time travel which gives the audience a massive adrenal rush. Here we bring to you Doctor Who Season 12, The Plot, The Next Season, And All You Got To Know. To know more, keep scrolling our feed.

The Plot

The plot of Doctor Who revolves around The Doctor ( yes, that’s the name ), who is a time lord, and all it does is travel through time. Also, the lord can’t be without a chariot, and in the series, the time lord’s chariot is called TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. The series is followed by The Doctor and his companions encountering the demons and saving the world.

Doctor Who Season 12

The Cast

The cast of Doctor Who is vast and involves a lot of side characters but the ones winning our hearts are Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Tosin Cole can be seen as Ryan Sinclair, Brandley Walsh can be seen as Graham O’Brien also the cast has an Indian based actor Mandip Gill cast as Yasmin Khan.

The Latest Season And Its Release

Season 12 of the science fiction adventure drama series Doctor Who was released on January 1, 2020, and has 11 episodes. However, talking about the 13th season of the series has been renewed in November of 2019, but due to the Covid protocols and global lockdown, the production is at a halt. If the situations get into control, season 13 may be expected by mid-2022 or the end of 2022.

Where To Watch?

Doctor Who can be seen on BBC in America, but the global audience can binge the 12 season-long series on Amazon prime.

So this was an update on Doctor Who. To know more about such series and information, keep visiting our page.


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