Do I understand the plus and minus sides of cryptography?

A very imperial technology that came out to become popular recently is cryptography. If you have been using cryptocurrencies, you are also getting a taste of cryptography. Cryptography technology allows people to use cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. So, cryptography has a massive hand in the popularity and success of the cryptocurrencies that we are using nowadays in our daily life. Anyone who is getting a taste of the crypto coins also has a taste of the cryptography technology, which is certainly not in the knowledge of everyone. Visit this website for more information on bitcoin trading.

Even though cryptography has facilitated cryptocurrency transactions for a decade now, it is not free of flaws. Therefore, you need to understand that cryptography transactions have potential benefits and drawbacks that we are all supposed to know about before diving into digital investment. So, here are a few drawbacks and the benefits of cryptography that everyone needs to know in 2022.


If we look on the positive side, we will see that there have been numerous advantages to facilitating cryptocurrency transactions and cryptography. A few of them are –

  • Confidentiality-with the help of cryptography only, the encryption technique has been possible to be implemented in cryptocurrency transactions. You might be pretty familiar that encrypting your transactions is considered the safest. They are facilitated with the help of cryptocurrencies to stay confidential when you are making a transaction. Also, unauthorised relevant access to information or any source is protected with the help of cryptography.
  • Authentication processes are pretty straightforward and sophisticated with the use of cryptography. You might be pretty familiar with the fact that authentication is essential everywhere, as you have to verify yourself. However, it can be done quickly with the help of cryptography.
  • Cryptography has played a crucial role in assuring anyone about their data integrity. Without the cryptography implementation, it wasn’t easy to provide the facility of data integrity to anyone in the world.

These are the positive sides of the cryptography used in today’s modern world, but it is not entirely free of the downsides. We are going to discuss them further.


Along with the advantages, there are certain drawbacks of cryptography technology, and we will be telling you about some of the prominent ones among them here.

  1. When cryptography is used with high technology and a lot of encryption, it sometimes becomes difficult for the users to decrypt them. Yes, the high complexity of the cryptography transactions is very complicated, and therefore, even a legitimate user might find it challenging to access the information.
  2. Cryptography is available in the open space, and it is vulnerable to many things. So, selective access control must be implemented in cryptography to become more efficient and safe for the user. As of now, even though cryptography has been providing a lot of security, it is open to potential threats of the market, which is not making it the best option in the market to be used as a storage basis.
  3. Cryptography requires much attention as it is pretty complicated for everyone to access. This comes along with the cost of money as well as time. The high cost and time consumption of cryptography make it not the most suitable option for ensuring the safety of anything. Therefore you need to be quite determined if you are jumping into cryptography, and it is not very easy for everyone to get access to it.

These things account for the dark side of cryptography that we use nowadays. Even though many government organisations and multinational companies support this concept, it is not considered the best option we can go with. There are other alternatives available in the market that we can opt for to get the work done at a lower cost and with greater efficiency. So, exploring the alternatives is the best weather you can go for if you want to find the best option that can compare with the cryptographic technology in today’s contemporary world. Also, despite the strong security standards of crypto, you must ensure the safety of coins at your level to always be sure about it.

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