Different Types of Logo Designs – Which one should you go for?

Many people in the modern world tend to forget how important Logos is. If you are still trying to decide whether logos are essential, take a minute and look around you. The logos around you are crucial assets for businesses and help elevate their engagement by a significant amount. You must design a logo that connects with your audience. A logo can be designed using a Free Animated Logo Maker, such as Vista Create.

But because there are so many designs, it can take time to figure out which would best represent your business. This article will walk you through the primary logo designs you will frequently come across and identify which would best meet your requirements.

Different Types of Logos

When designing a logo, numerous types of logo designs are available. The design you choose depends on who you are, but you should choose a logo that speaks to your customers’ needs and fits with the look of your brand.

Pictorial-Mark Logos

Pictorial Mark Logos are graphic icons, images, or symbols that quickly represent the brand. They are also called logo symbols and brand marks. This logo has simple pictures and usually only has the company name as text. For instance, Apple has opted for a Pictorial-Mark logo. A literal apple represents the company.

Different Types of Logo Designs - Which one should you go for?

Pictorial Mark logos are not reliant on language, meaning that one logo would suffice to represent the company globally. This type of logo is preferred if you want a logo that you can use universally without the hassle of creating different versions and if your company has a long name.

Additionally, if you can represent your brand through a symbol without complicating things, Pictorial Mark logos are undoubtedly the way to go! But you should ensure that your logo is timeless and grows with your business.

Lettermarks Logo

A Lettermark logo refers to typographic logos that comprise a company’s initials. In most cases, the companies that opt for this type of logo are referred to by their company’s initials. This type of logo features up to four letters that form an acronym for the business’s name.

This specific type of logo shortens your company’s name by breaking it down into abbreviations. Doing so would ultimately make your brand stand out and help embed it in a user’s mind. With only two or three letters to remember, it’s easy to tell what brand something is just by looking at its logo.

It would be wise to go for a Lettermark logo if your business has a name with lots of letters or if you work in an industry where using abbreviations as logos is a common practice. I mean, think about it. When was the last time you heard NASA referred to as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration?

Abstract Logo Marks

Abstract Logos refer to image-based logos that represent a company via Abstract forms. Unlike Pictorial Mark Logos, this type of logo leans towards the symbolic side, which provides designers with a lot of creative freedom.

One can pinpoint the brand’s core values and express them in an artistic form that can convey the intended emotions. Abstract logo marks allow you to represent your brand using one image and create something unique.

However, you must have a good idea regarding the intent of your logo and what you aim to convey to your audience. To do so, you must have a good grasp of what your brand represents. This type of logo is commonly used by companies whose names translate poorly into different languages.

Different Types of Logo Designs - Which one should you go for?

If your business works on the international market and you want a logo that can easily stand up to cultural differences, this is the one you should choose. In the long run, choosing an abstract symbol over a pictorial mark logo provides much more flexibility.


This type of logo is straightforward and requires little explanation. Wordmark logos are font-based logos that feature a brand’s name or a part of the brand’s name. This logo doesn’t have any pictures and tends to be more uncomplicated and straightforward. While this may sound very straightforward and boring, simpler logos often lead to more effective results in the business world.

This type of logo is best suited for companies with catchy and short names. Also, if your brand is new to the market, this logo is a great way to get people to recognize it.


Your business revolves around your logo. Your logo is frequently the first impression a person has of your company. It’s of utmost importance that a user can associate your logo with your company as soon as they hear your name. Before you decide on a logo design, you should look at the available types and choose one that fits your needs.

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