Did NBC Renew Debris For Season 2? When is it Coming?

Following the season finale that aired on NBC last week, there won’t be any further episodes for the sci-fi tv series, ‘Debris’. The sci-fi drama series was first premiered on NBC on March 1, 2021, that took off to an average opening. So what does that mean for the future of ‘Debris’ and will fans get to see more episodes from the show?

The show follows the events of mysterious deaths caused by the debris from a crashing alien spacecraft all over Earth. As a result, an international task force is set up to investigate and close the case on this world-threatening issue. Sci-fi genres generally have a conflicting fan base and let us see what news awaits those fans.

debris season 2

Will there be any more Debris episodes?

The season finale of Debris was aired on May 24, 2021, which ended inconclusively as the task force team get some of their questions answered. However, this gives rise to more questions about the origin of the mysterious objects. So as of now, there won’t be any weekly episodes in case you are expecting an episode at the same time.

So does the inconclusive story mean that there will be a season 2 to wrap it up? Well, brace yourself.

Will there be a Debris Season 2?

Unfortunately for fans, ‘Debris’ has been canceled after one season and there might be many reasons behind this. The major reason behind NBC’s decision might have been due to the low viewership that ‘Debris’ was receiving. The show was also placed on a time slot that is far away from the prime period. So an already suffering show would need a miracle to perform amidst that.

So it’s quite conclusive that as the show’s title, the sci-fi drama is now nothing but a pile of debris. However, fans shouldn’t lose hope as there are quite a lot of shows that have been revived by other productions.


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