Did Cardi B Get Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth?

Did Cardi B Get Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth?

After Cardi B heard the rumors of her having surgery to achieve her current post-pregnancy body, the “Bodak Yellow” chart-topper took to her Instagram Story to inform her 111 million followers of the truth. In the video, Cardi said she hasn’t had any procedures done while filming herself in front of the mirror.

“Right now, I got some amazing hips due to my gorgeous son, because he was sitting so low. You know when your baby is low, your hips spread,” she explained. “But everybody’s just like, ‘Cardi, you so snatched. What do you do? You did lipo? You had a tummy tuck?'” Cardi straight up said she hasn’t had any work done, and explained the main reason why: “You cannot do surgery after you give birth, especially me. I lost so much blood, guys. One day, I’m gonna talk to you guys about my crazy-ass delivery.” 

“But anyways, yes, I look snatched. Especially when I take these paparazzi pics,” she continued. The rap star admitted she likes being honest with her fans and showed off what her body really looks like right now. Cardi insisted her “skin is still loose” three weeks after giving birth and stated she has a “little pouchy pouch.”


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