Dia & Gentleman (Kannada) Full Movie Download Leaked Online By Tamilrockers – Will These Films Suffer A Huge Loss?

The movie Dia and Gentleman, both got released on 7 February 2020. Both are Kannada-language films from India. The movie Dia has been directed by K. S. Ashoka and the movie Gentleman has been directed by Jadesh Kumar.

Dia has been produced by D Krishna Chaitanya and Gentleman has been produced by Guru Deshpande. Dia has been starred by Pruthvi Amber, Kushi, and Gentleman has been starred by Prajwal Devraj, Nishvika Naidu.

Dia and Gentleman Full Movie Download Leaked

The film Vaanam Kottattum and Seeru were leaked online by various pirates on the day of its release itself. The piracy issue has become a common and dangerous issue now, almost every film irrespective of the industry gets leaked online as soon as it gets released.

Watching a movie by downloading it from a pirated website is a crime and it nearly means stealing. It is strictly punishable according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Avoiding piracy can help the future of the film industry. It is totally illegal to watch movies this way as soon as it is released.

The producers have to invest so much money to make a good film. And, the directors and the stars work so hard to make the movie good and entertaining for you. But, if one starts to watch the movies by pirating all the efforts of the hard-working team behind the movie goes in vain.

So its better to go to the theatre and watch the movie. And you won’t be able to enjoy and feel the movie as much you could enjoy and feel in the theatres. What do you think about this? Share with us in the comments section.

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