Dexter Season 9 Teaser Out : Nature is Calling

In the ninth season of the insanely malicious-themed, monstrously conceptualized show, Dexter has been much in demand by the audience. A little relief has been ensured to them as the teaser of the ninth season has set fire online since the time it has been out.

The teaser gave us both an insight into season 9 and reminded us of the season 8 finale as well, where we left the plot. Well, rumors hold that this might be a perfect opportunity for the writers to compensate the not-as-expected, blasting series finale for previous seasons.


They have the ability and intention to make it the most astonishingly out-of-the-box, polarising finale climax out of all the finale climaxes so far.

Dexter Season 9 Teaser Out

The teaser holds a bundle of controversial and bold topics and is not at all cautiously holding back its thoughts. The full teaser throws a dark shade at the maker of the original series, Dexter Morgan, the culprit behind the abrupt offset of the series. They have depicted him as a lumberjack so far in the teaser.

Dexter Season 9 New Teaser Out- Murderous Roots

Another teaser has been out, which again was utterly unpredictable and gave us the origin of the criminal, murderous roots.

To justify the ruthless murderer and serial killer, Michael C. Hall’s, and to create an understanding of how he turned out this way, it seems to be the setup for the ninth season, as far as we can make out from this new teaser.

Dexter’s very much beloved showrunner, Clyde Phillips, who was outcasted after the finale of the original series, is speculated for a reprise, and fans are culminating that maybe the show makers have realized their mistakes and are willing to make up for them.

With season 8 finale being one of the worst and most disappointing ones, the creators of Dexter are trying their hook and crook to make things right with a spectacular season 9, and the teasers are just a beginning.


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