Dexter Season 9: Release Date, Plot and Expected Story

One of the famous US series is that of Dexter. Even though it is a crime-based series, Dexter has managed to entice the viewers with the gruesome executions done by none other than Dexter Morgan. This character is quite intriguing, so the last eight seasons have been quite popular in various countries.

Dexter Season 9: Release Date

With the onset of season 9, several mysteries will be revealed about Dexter Morgan, which is why the viewers are eagerly waiting for the release. The production has commenced already at the beginning of 2021, and now, shooting is going on in full scale. The expected release time has been predicted during the 2021 fall in the US.

Dexter Season 9

Since Season 8, it was shown that Dexter finally adapted to everyday life on the island after he was deserted. But, the ending was very abrupt, and Dexter’s character was left at a cliffhanger. In Season 9, the plot will revolve around his role as a logger in Oregon’s forested areas. Even though he lives a life under a pretentious name, his urge to execute the criminals is still there. Hence, the episodes are going to be more thrilling and exciting for everyone.

Dexter Season 9: Cast

As for the casting, viewers will see Michael C Hall playing Dexter Morgan’s role just like he has been doing for the last eight seasons, from 2006 to 2013. Clancy Brown, a veteran entertainer, will be seen portraying a new character in the show. However, information about this new addition hasn’t been revealed yet. Alano Miller is another character who will be driving the plot. He is a sergeant working in the Iron Lake police department and will be seen as an associate wrestling trainer.

Dexter Season 9 will be far more thrilling and captivating than the past eight seasons. Hopefully, we will all get to know more about Dexter’s lifestyle in Oregon and how he is coping with the new role as now, he won’t be having the job of a crime officer. However, Dexter Morgan will continue his legacy of being an executioner but probably in a different way. After all, Season 9 has a unique plot that will spike the interest further.

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