Dexter: New Blood Teases Fans With One Of the Most Epic Comebacks Of Recent

In just a matter of six days, the Dexter: New Blood premiere is going to be here! Aren’t there a TON of reasons to be pumped? We tend to think so!

In the new promo below, you can get some teases for what’s coming up for the Michael C. Hall series alongside a new show in Yellowjackets also premiering this month. The idea here is for Showtime to use one of its properties in order to better launch another one, and it’s hard to argue against that logic. Why wouldn’t they want to boost all of their programs to the best of their ability?

Dexter: New Blood Teases Fans With One Of the Most Epic Comebacks Of Recent

There are a few little glimpses into Dexter’s world in this promo that on some level may feel new. Take, for example, Dexter talking about the state of his Dark Passenger — he is a monster but, in his words, he’s an “evolved monster.” Dexter has found a way to live and contain some of the beasts within, or at the very least that’s what he is telling himself. Whether or not he’s able to keep this mantra going in the long-term is something we’re going to have to wait and see on.

What is Dexter Morgan without his old life? That’s what we are the most curious to see entering this episode. There’s a lot of new interactions the writers can dive in and explore, and there is at least somewhat of a familiar presence here in the form of Deb. Granted, it’s a Deb that lives inside his head, so it’s hardly the same version of the character that we saw before.

What do you most want to see on the Dexter: New Blood premiere?

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