Delivery Girls Are Increasing And Getting Paid Better Than Other Jobs On Average

The job which a woman does not matter if it is a good one which is making her fulfill the basic requirements.  These days, women are working in every sector and there comes the delivery sector too also women employment is being raised from one year to the next. This industry is providing both a better salary along with safety too, by most of the food providing organizations such as Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, and others.

Women from most of the cosmopolitan cities are applying to get job offers in these organizations to survive and earn. At the same time, these are providing delivery girls the flexibility to work, which is one of the utmost important concerns for women. However, the working times will be closing by 6 pm, so after which they can concentrate on their family, this point is also making them pick these jobs. There are delivery girls who are able to earn approximately, Rs.6,000/- per week which is quite a good amount for them. Even though India is competing with other countries in women’s employment, the still a larger part of the families considers these jobs are meant for men and women to need to be far away from choosing these careers. When this opinion changes in some of the traditional families, more number of girls will enter into this field.


Delivery girl Reena Gupta, working for Zomato is happy with her job role and said that she is able to earn around RS. 6000/- on an average in a week. She delivers about 20 orders a day. Preethisha is the first delivery girl from Chennai to employ this girl. In her words, this is also one of the best job opportunities for women, where more number need to enter into this industry. 

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