Death In Paradise Season 11 Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Death In Paradise is a French American crime series. It can also be referred to as a detective fiction thriller. The series is filmed mainly in France and is telecasted by the BBC Network, an American TV Network, that’s why it is claimed to be a French American production. The series has currently completed its 10th season comprising of 80 episodes, with each episode running up to 50-60 minutes.

So here is all you need to know about Death In Paradise Season 11.T

The Plot

The story starts from an imaginary Caribbean Island. A detective named Richard Pole is assigned to investigate a murder mystery of a police officer. He successfully solves the mystery but can replace the victim and shelter himself on the island for further orders. But detective Pole is the murder.

Now comes the lead character, detective Humphrey Goodman who is currently on trial to investigate the murder of Richard Pole. The story continues with much more thrill. To know more, you must tune in to the show as more discussion may lead to spoilers.

Death In Paradise Season 11

When will it release?

Death In Paradise is currently on season 10, and the makers have not confirmed any date for the season 11 release. However, by digging sources, we got to know the series is currently under filming, which is halted due to the pandemic and lockdown imposed by the government.

The 10th season was released way back in January – February last year, and the makers also expect to release the 11th season for a similar schedule. Still, apparently, things got worse, and the filming got shelved. Fans may expect the release by 2021 end or 2022 beginning.

Death In Paradise Season 11, Where To Watch?

Death In Paradise is not available to the Indian audience but can be accessed through other servers like the USA and New Zealand.


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