Dear Comrade And Kadaram Kondan To Stream On Amazon Prime Soon | Vijay Deverakonda, Chiyaan Vikram

Vijay Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade and Chiyaan Vikram’s Kadaram Kondan will be streaming on Amazon Prime very soon. Both the films were released in July of this year and will be available on Prime in August. That’s cool.
Kadaram Kondan which was released on 19th July will stream on Amazon Prime from August 23rd. And Dear Comrade which was released on 26th July will stream on Amazon Prime from August 30th.
So here are the dates that you have to keep in mind:
  • Kadaram Kondan: August 23rd
  • Dear Comrade: August 30th
Note: As of now, we don’t have any information on whether the films will be streaming in all the languages that it was released in or not. We have to wait and see. (Dear Comrade was also released in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam along with Telugu and Kadaram Kondan was released in Telugu along with Tamil.)
dear comrade

Should You Be Watching These Films?

In case you are wondering whether these films are worth a watch then this segment is for you. We will give you some reasons to watch them or not and will also let you know what kind of films they are so you can think and decide whether you should be watching them or not.

Both films have received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. It will be better to discuss both the film separately. Let’s do that.

Dear Comrade:

Some of the audience has rejected the film saying it was boring or too long. But though the film might feel long, it is actually worth it. Bharat Kamma’s story, Sujith Sarang’s visuals, and Justin Prabhakaran’s music will keep you rooted to the story and characters.

Both Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna have given terrific performances. You just need to be a little patient to watch the film. Sit back and enjoy the movie on August 30th.

Kadaram Kondan:

Written and Directed by Rajesh Selva, Kadaram Kondan is an official remake of 2010 French film Point Blank. One of the main appealing things about the movie is Vikram’s swagger. If you are a fan of his acting, then you won’t be disappointed.
If you didn’t watch the original movie Point Blank, then do watch Kadaram Kondan. You will be impressed.
So that is all we have to say for now. For which movie are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comments section below. Do follow our site for more such articles.
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