Darbar Pre-Release Business Report | Rajnikanth Starrer Creates Records Before Release

The pride of Indian cinema Rajnikanth will be seen on the silver screen with his upcoming film Darbar. The film is scheduled for a 9th January release.

The brand Rajnikanth is enough for dragging the film to the heights of success, people will hit the theatres just to catch a glimpse of him. There will be an ample amount of drama in the film coupled with the typical Rajnikanth style action.

Rajinikanth Darbar

More About The Film Darbar

In the film Darbar, Rajnikanth will be playing the role of a police cop. The story is framed in the action drama background. Murugadoss has taken the onus to direct the film, it will be his first with the superstar.

The film has a total run time of 159.28 minutes.

Star cast

The film has Rajinikanth who in himself is a bigger star than anyone else. Alongside him, there are Nayanthara, Nivetha Thomas, and Sunil Shetty in promising roles.

Darbar Pre-Release Business

Have you ever spared a thought of how a movie can make money without being out in the theater? Well, that comes from the selling of various sorts of rights related to the film, the theatrical and non-theatrical rights.

The film Darbar has already made a staggering collection of 221 crores just by selling its rights.

These rights fall in the category of Promotional rights, media rights, cinema rights, music rights, theatre rights, and licenses. Advertisement rights and many more.

The film has gathered 221 crores just by selling its rights to imagine how much will film the collect in the theatres once it is out. This is probably the highest collection by any film ever as far as the collection rights are concerned.

The reason behind such high prices of the rights of the film is the immense fan base Rajnikanth carries with him.

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