Dandupalya 4 / Dandupalyam 4 Full movie download leaked on Tamilrockers soon after its release

Dandupalyam 4 is the fourth instalment of the 2012 film Dandupalyam. The film was released on the 1st of November 2019 and it is a hit like its predecessors. KT Nayak is the director of the film, the writer and the producer of the film, Venkat has put up a lot of work in making the film a hit among the audience.

Moreover, the film features Suman Ranganathan, Kari Subbu, Mumaith Khan, Ravi Kale and Petrol Prasanna is crucial as well as notable roles. By the looks of it, the film is first going to be released in Kannada language and then the film will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi. According to the notable actress of the film Suman, portraying the character of Sundari has been quite challenging for her. In addition to this, the role did help her to push boundaries when it comes to acting and talent.

Sadly, Tamilrockers has leaked the crime thriller Kannada film after a few hours of its nationwide release. According to the actress, the film showcases the true essence of being an artist. The script is crisp and where the actors worked in a unified manner to explore their true calling.

How different is Dandupalyam than its predecessors?

Given that the film has leaked across the pirated site such as Tamilrockers, it is important to note that the most notable difference of the film is in its direction. The first three installments of Dandypalyam were made by Srinivas Raju which featured Pooja Gandhi in the lead role.

The film is different but the recent leak might put the film in a bad position when it comes to the box-office collection. Nevertheless, as the story is compelling, the audience might go to theatres to watch the film.

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