Dance Plus 5 Voting Online: How to vote Offline and Online

Now Dance Plus Season 5 is on a very crucial moment as it has already done the scrutiny by screening the contestants in a very thorough manner. The Judges and captains did their best to make the right one get into the list of Top 10 Contestants.

Read on to find out the ways to vote for your favorite contestants in the following teams,

  • Dharmesh Yelande
  • Punit Pathak
  • Suresh Mukund
  • Karishma Chavan

You can either log in to the website to vote for your favourite team or Login to the Hotstar App. You can cast your vote by the offline method by giving a missed call to an assigned number of each contestant.

Dance Plus 5: Ground Rules for Voting

  • On each day each user could only vote for a maximum of 10 votes per login in a single voting period.
  • Every other vote cast above the said limit will be considered null or void.
  • There is no carry-over option for the votes which the user didn’t use before. Votes are non-transferable. If the user didn’t use his option to vote for his favorite contestants today it will be invalid and would not add up with tomorrow’s 10 votes.


Dance Plus 5: Offline Voting Method

For casting your vote to the favourite contestant, you don’t need an internet connection. You can give a miss call to support your contestant on the phone number assigned to each of them. Here are the numbers for each of the ten contestants.

Team Punit Pathak

  1. Sanchita and Subarto: 1800-120-888801
  2. Janam: 1800-120-888806
  3. Bhim Bahadur: 1800-120-888810Team Karishma Chavan
  4. CandyBots: 1800-120-888805
  5. Rupesh and Deepika:1800-120-888808Team Suresh Mukund
  6. The Ace Dance Crew: 1800-120-888803
  7. Monark Trivedi: 1800-120-888804
  8. Tron Brothers: 1800-120-888802Team Dharmesh Yelande
  9. Rupesh Bane: 1800-120-888807
  10. Nritya Kala Kendra: 1800-120-888809

Dance Plus 5: Online Voting Method

Using Hotstar App or the website you can cast your vote.

Just log in to the app or website and click on the banner when you search for Dance Plus 5 to cast your vote.


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