CYPHER : Trailer Released : Plot, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

A tale of the struggle of a handicapped boy is what the raw theme for the movie CYPHER. CYPHER is one of the latest entrants to the list of upcoming movies of Bollywood. The movie is all set to hit the cinemas on the 13th of September.

CYPHER : Trailer Released : Plot, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

There’s a new trend in Bollywood, making films on unique topics or you can say topics that will create social awareness, and CYPHER is the latest addition to the list.

We have got the trailer of CYPHER.

The Makers of the film released the trailer for the movie on the 9th of August, which amassed overwhelming response to YouTube, bagging 300k views in no time. The trailer for the film was launched exactly after a week of the launch of the teaser of the movie. The duration of the trailer is a little over 2 minutes, and it has managed to contain all the highlights scenes of the film.

The plot of the film CYPHER.

The story of the film revolves around a boy born with no hands. We will get to witness the obstacles he will have to face to come somewhere near to fulfilling his dream.

CYPHER : Trailer Released : Plot, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

The ultimate aim of the boy is to open a school on his own. He desires to open a school for children like him, where all the handicap children can study under one roof. He doesn’t want to let these children bear the criticism of the society which he has been through. The movie during its course depicts how tough it was for him to get going from the very beginning, how questions were imposed on his abilities to study and play.

It will be delightful to watch him coming victorious after defeating all the limitations he was subject to.

The cast of CYPHER.

Parikshit Sahani is the one playing the protagonist of the movie, it’s his role which is the center of attraction for the movie.
Vikram Gokhale, Arun Bali, Divya Jagdale, and Shishir Sharma are the ones playing other notable roles in the movie. It is the debut film for Paresh Bhanushali as a producer.

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