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Customer Satisfaction Surveys are the most foolproof way to understand the market’s demand by taking their direct response to the company’s service. The data collected is applicable in answering a wide array of problems the company faces and determining whether it could be addressed by the company or outside its control limit. This makes them able to tailor their service by training the customer service staff, service owners, strategy, policy, and senior management by the customers’ needs.

This is one of the continuous efforts of the company for improvement. The valuable insights are transferred to every location. To provide an almost equal quality service all over its branches.

CVS Survey

CVS: How to Take Part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Basic Requirements:

  • A PC, laptop/MAC, or Mobile device.
  • A valid CVS invitation which means it should be a very recent one.
  • Basic knowledge in either English or Spanish.
  • You must be 18 years old at the time of doing the survey.
  • Only one entry per month is allowed.

Steps to participate in the Survey

  1. Visit the official site:
  2. Select your preferred language and press the “continue”button.
  3. Take your invitation receipt available with you. Above the previous purchase amount, you will see “Survey ID#,” a 17 digit long number. Enter the number in the appropriate space.
  4. Read and try to answer all the survey questions, which will be very simple for you as the questions will be based on your recent CVS experience.
  5. Enter your personal details to finish the survey-taking process.

cvs survey

About CVS Pharmacy

This pharmacy giant is always putting customer satisfaction as their primary priority. CVS pharmacy is the biggest among the pharmaceutical industry chains in the whole United States. It has more than 7600 outlets across the country. That is selling many kinds of prescription drugs and many other daily use products such as beauty products, over-the-counter drugs, photo finishing and film services, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise, and convenience foods.

The company provides extra services such as healthcare solutions through their CVS stores innovatively named Minute Clinic locations. This service is also available from the Diabetes Care Centers. They also prioritize at-home delivery as 0ther online and offline market giants are stepping into the prescription drug business.

Previous Customer Satisfaction Survey Findings

Even with the online business on its verge, and for a patient, at-home delivery is always convenient. The customer satisfaction survey was done with more than 12,000 customers who physically visit the drug store. In light of these survey findings Greg Truex, managing director of health intelligence at J.D. Power, firmly believes it will be an arduous struggle to make the customers purchase the medicines online while the decades-long habit is making them follow the old school visit a pharmacy method.

CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey Speciality

You can take the survey according to your convenience in three different ways.

  • By phone call.
  • Online sweepstakes.
  • Mail-in entry:

CVS Pharmacy $1000 Sweepstakes,

16200 Dallas Parkway.

Suite 140.

Dallas, Texas, 75248-6897


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