Cosmos Season 2 Episode 9 and 10: Cast, Story Release Date, Spoilers and Streaming Details

Cosmos is an American documentary television series. It primarily presents scientific concepts with relevant explanations. It doesn’t necessarily justify every scientific concept that comes around but they are looked at with doubt and amazement both. Cosmos has been broadcasting on National Geographic since 2014.

Cosmos Season 2 Episode 9 will be coming out on Monday. It is titled ‘Magic Without Lies’. This episode is just what you all science maniacs need in this quarantine period. This episode introduces a man who happened to dive deeper into the world of quantum mechanics. This man is still looking for a technology that made it possible. Imagine, how vast is this concept of quantum mechanics and imagine the thing that has made it possible.

Its surely not something easy to find and easy to understand but we are hopeful that this genius who’s featuring in the episode might have got somewhere with it. If Quantum Mechanics is more than a subject to you, then this episode is meant for you. Don’t forget to watch this episode. Catch this episode on National Geographic Channel.

Release Date and Streaming Details

Cosmos Season 2 Episode 9 is being released on Monday 06 April 2020. This episode is titled ‘Magic Without Lies’ and this episode will be returning with the revelation of magic inside of the world of quantum mechanics. A man who’s knees see into the quantum mechanics world is still struggling to find the technology that made it happen. If you’re a science junkie, it’s surely meant for you. This episode is releasing after a gap of 7 days. This episode will be aired on National Geographic and FOX at 8:00 pm (US).

The running time of Cosmos Season 2 Episode 7 is expected to be stretched over a span of forty- forty-five minutes. You can also watch this episode online on Hotstar, Google Play, iTunes, FOX official website and National Geographic official website. Cosmos has been rated 9.3/10, 9/10 and 81% on IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes respectively.


Cosmos Season 2 Episode 7,8 released on Monday 30 March 2020. With respect to episode 7, it was by far the most interesting episode of Cosmos Season 2. This episode narrated a story of the scientist who discovered a way to reach the moon while he was stuck fighting for his life in a World War 1 trench. He wrote a letter to fifty years to the future from then and that’s exactly what made Apollo Mission possible.

It’s crazy how we all know what on earth was Apollo Mission but we didn’t know what made it possible. It’s tremendously inspiring that he was fighting for his life and discovering something that would Mark a historic event simultaneously. And the saga of the twenty-year-long odyssey of a robotic explorer ordered to commit suicide on another world

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