Conor Roy Left In The Hanging With Succession Season 3 Episode 3 | More Spoilers

If we continue in succession season 3 episode 3, it looks like Connor Roy is facing an uncertain future. In a way, he stands apart from the rest of his siblings – they are all younger than him and more connected to each other.

Conor Roy Left In The Hanging With Succession Season 3 Episode 3 | More Spoilers He was also the first person who came up with the idea of ​​working with Kendall mainly because of his political ambitions and desire to stay VERY away from anything that would mess up him and his father.

So how seriously should we take these political ambitions? Sometimes it feels like that answer is “not bad” as Connor often comes across as meandering, incompetent, or a bit of both. Of course, we can’t sit here and pretend he’s the first person to ever fall into undeserved power; you cannot exclude anything in this world.

Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, Here’s what Alan Ruck himself had to say about Connor’s political platform — basically, the way he wants the world to see him:

I think [his platform is] whatever he is interested in that morning. That’s part of its platform. I think the platform is very fluid, and sometimes it doesn’t exist. In Season 2, Maxim asks if he [can name a member of the House Congress Committee], and he has no idea. Basically, do you know anyone in DC, and what they do? It’s not a concern for him. It’s like, “Oh, I’ll find out. It’ll sort itself out. There will be people to help me.” He wants to abolish all taxes. Connor might come up with the idea, if he wants to be a man of the people, who should really take in every family. “The family business is a business, and you write everything off! We’ll do it!” I just want to pass this wisdom on to the common people.

While it might be easy not to take Connor so seriously, we think we’ll be hearing a lot from him this season. He’s a bit like Greg, in that if you overlook either one, there’s a chance he’ll bite you later.

What would you most like to see from Connor Roy? succession season 3?

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