Comicstaan Tamil Winner Season 1 : Hosts, Judges, Contestants, Prize Money | Amazon Prime

Comicstaan Tamil is now streaming on the OTT Platform Amazon Prime Videos. It is the show where comedians get together with their fans and do an amazing show. After few years of the show, Comicstaan is now looking at the regional comic industry. Tamil is the first regional language that Comicstaan is doing. There are going to be six comedians in the first round.These six will narrow down to three and compete against each other in the grand finale.

The hosts of Comicstaan Tamil

Mervyn Rozz is the host of the season one of the show Comicstaan Tamil along with the actor Vidyu Lekha.

Comicstaan Tamil Winner Season 1 : Hosts, Judges, Contestants, Prize Money | Amazon Prime

Contestants of Comicstaan Tamil

Here is the list of six contestants that will be participating in Comicstaan Tamil Season 1.

  1. Mayansi Karunanithi
  2. Annamalai
  3. Yogesh Jagannathan
  4. Syama Harini
  5. Karthikeyan Durai
  6. Abhishek Kumar

Prize Money Comicstaan Tamil

The winner of Comicstaan Tamil will be getting prize money worth INR 10 Lakhs.

Judges of Comicstaan Tamil

The judges of season one of Comicstaan Tamil are as follows.

  1. Rajamohan
  2. Praveen Kumar
  3. Karthik Kumar

Top 3 Contestants of Comicstaan Tamil

The above mentioned six contestants wade through different rounds and here is the list of the top three contestants out of six of Comicstaan Tamil.

  1. Yogesh
  2. Syama Harini
  3. Abhishek Kumar

Winner of Comicstaan Tamil

The Top 3 contestants compete with each other in the grand finale of the show and Syama Harini is the winner of the first season of Comicstaan Tamil.

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