COD Cold War Outbreak Guide: Tips to Get You Started

Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak was released in February 2021. It introduced a new sense of intensity in the zombie games that we all love. The upgraded scorestreaks, weapons, and zombies make this game even more desirable.

Today, we will give you essential tips on getting started on the right track. You can also use black ops cold war hacks to get better at this game.

Choose Perfect Loadout

Choosing a perfect loadout is a matter of survival. You need to select a loadout that can damage zombies the most. You can add attachments and perks to your weapons to increase their effectiveness. You can further improve it by combining attachments with pack-a-punch.

In Outbreak, the best weapon of choice is the Huer 77 shotgun. This weapon deals destructive damage to the zombies. As you move ahead in the round, you can upgrade it to increase its destruction.

It would help if you had enough salvage to upgrade your weapon. Without salvage, weapon upgrades are not possible in this game. Adding specific attachments to your weapons will increase your walking speed as well.

Stick To Side Objectives

There are primary and secondary objectives on every map. You can complete primary objectives to move ahead in the game. But as you move ahead, the difficulty level will increase. If you are not prepared well enough for them, you will perish.

You should stick to the previous map to complete side objectives to level 5 or 6. It will grow the skills that you need to succeed under challenging rounds. You also get perks for achieving the side objectives. You can use the perks to upgrade the weapons you have.

Buy Perks in an Order

Buying perks in a specific order is crucial in Outbreak mode. You lose the perks you purchased last if you die during a battle. It continues to happen in your further deaths. It would be best to buy the essential perks first and less critical afterward.

So that, even if you die, you do not lose the most important perks. A few critical perks to buy are Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Stamina up. For console players, the best perk to buy is the Deadshot Daiquiri. It helps in getting quick headshots.

Use Ammo Mods

Ammo mods help neutralize the zombies. It reduces the time in which you can kill a zombie. The best ammo mod to use is Dead wire tier-5. As Dead wire mod upgrades to tier 5 level, it becomes lethal.

You can kill powerful zombies with one shot. If you shoot any zombie with this mod, it spreads electricity to the surrounding zombies. This mod is most effective in dealing with the hordes of zombies. As the number becomes uncontrollable, you can use this perk to finish all at once.

Transferring Canisters

In-game, you have to transfer many etherium canisters. It later gets installed on rockets to fly away from there. But, when you equip these canisters, you become slow and cannot carry any weapon. It is best to use vehicles to transport these canisters to their destination. You will be fast and encounter fewer zombies.

But if you run into dangerous zombies, they will attack your vehicle and damage it. You can also use the Aether Shroud perk while carrying the canisters. The zombies will ignore you for some time if you use it. During that duration, you can make your way to the rocket. The Aether shroud perk is best used when installing the canisters in a rocket.

Death Machine Scorestreak

The new scorestreak that makes sense in this game is a Death Machine. We also have a chopper gunner in this game. But zombies are too fast and smart to use it. They hide in buildings if you activate this weapon.

You can use Death Machine anywhere with ease. You can also switch between your gun and the Death Machine to save ammo. It has a limit of 400 rounds. The ammo replenishes once you move to the following map.


The Outbreak mode is very intense. You have to be on your toes to stay alive in this game. Choose the best loadout so you can kill zombies with ease. Make the use of ammo mods to deal the most extensive damage to zombies.

Be careful while transferring the etherium canisters, as you get slow while doing so. Do side objectives and buy perks in a specific order. Make use of the Death Machine to wipe out hordes of zombies.

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