‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4: Netflix Release Date and other updates

Cobra Kai is an American comedy-drama web television series that is a sequel to the Karate Kid series created by Robert Mark Kamen. Jon Hurwitz creates the series. The first season was premiered on May 2, 2018, on Youtube Red. In the year 2020, Jon Hurwitz officially announced that Cobra Kai would be streamed on Netflix from his Twitter account.

It moved on Netflix, with the first two seasons also being available. The third season was released on January 1, 2021. This shift of the series to Netflix made the fans curious for a fourth season. But then season 4 was renewed long before season 3 was premiered. By late October, Jon Hurwitz announced on his Twitter handle that the writers have concluded their job after 14 weeks of writing for season 4.

‘Cobra Kai' Season 4

New cast members of Cobra Kai season 4

A new cast announcement had come up in late February when it was revealed that two new faces would be seen in Cobra Kai season 4.

Dallas Dupree Young was cast as Kenny, a bullied new kid in school who learns karate to defend himself from the bullies.

Oona O’Brien is Devon, a new karate kid with many potentials and a brilliant and talented kid. She is said to be a quick-tempered character in the series.

What to expect from Cobra Kai season 4?

In season 4 is probably like the winner in all the valley karate tournament gets to stay in martial arts game. Loser leaves town. There is a significant probability that we will see an all-out war against Kreese’s Cobra Kai in the tournament. We can expect the “neckbeard teacher” stingray return for season 4. The fight sequences in season 4 might look different, as, in an interview with Bleeding Cool, Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman say they are no longer a part of the Cobra Kai project.

Release date of Cobra Kai season 4

The release date of Cobra Kai season 4 is not yet decided. The creator of the series Jon Hurwitz once tweeted back in November that season 4 would come roughly one year after season 3. In that case, Cobra Kai season 4 is expected to release on Netflix around January of 2022.

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