Chiranjeevi’s Lucifer Remake Postponed, Filming Disrupted Due To COVID Second Wave

With the second wave of corona hitting hard, casualties have started to take a peak once again. The hike in the number of cases per day has taken a spurt, hampering regular daily activities. Guidelines have been reissued, and since it is the order of the law, it is mandated to be conformed.

Chiranjeevi’s project, Lucifer remake postponed:

Amidst this crisis, the much-awaited Telugu remake of the Malayalam superhit movie Lucifer has been delayed. The news hit the fans of Chiranjeevi harder than expected; Chiranjeevi the name is enough to get the people crazy for his presence, acting, and aura of the superstar impeccable.

The movie Lucifer was a superhit Malayalam film. Thus Chiru and Mohan Raja bought its rights to remake it in Telugu, but who else would have been better to play the lead role other than the man himself, Chiranjeevi. S. Tharman was committed to being the composer for the movie.

chiranjeevi lucifer remake

Filming Disrupted:

But since the second wave of COVID-19 has shown effects, the making and development have been disrupted, which caused discrepancies leading to the shooting being halted. As the speculations had it, the filming was supposed to onset from the first week of April.

The fans have become disappointed since this movie was one the most anticipated by the fans of Chiranjeevi.

His Upcoming Movie:

The actor was baffled by the project’s hurdles; however, the megastar is busy in the filming of his next upcoming movie, Acharya. This movie again was about to get a round-up when the COVID wave 2021 hit the country.

The movie was being directed by Koratala Siva and was scheduled for a release on 13 May 2021. The makers for sure seem to be in a mood, for now, skipping the declared and announced date of release, keeping in mind the surroundings’ situations, and making sure to follow the guidelines strictly.


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