Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 7 Might Be More Complicated Than Any Before

Chicago PD season 9 episode 7 is going to be coming your way on NBC tomorrow night, and this is an hour that will create new challenges. That is especially the case for Hank Voight, given that the character is in a spot he so rarely is in Intelligence: He’s reeling. After everything that happened at the end of last season and long-simmering conflict between him and Halstead, it doesn’t feel like he and the team are on the same page anymore.

In a new interview with TV Insider, here is some of what Jason Beghe had to say on the subject of the state of the unit, including the discord that is starting to haunt him:

“If you look at [the team] as a family and Voight as the father—the responsible party—his family is unhappy and dangerously out of sync. It doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

So where is Voight going to forge a bond on Wednesday’s “Trust Me”? Think in terms of a new CI, a woman named Anna who looks as though she could be a valuable asset. Unfortunately, we know already that looks can be deceiving and at this point, Hank could be so desperate for common ground that he’s not properly seeing the forest through the trees anymore.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 7 Might Be More Complicated Than Any Before

Beghe goes on to tell the publication more about why Voight finds common ground with Anna:

“They’re both willing to bend rules in order to get justice … One of [Hank’s] mantras is ‘Tell me the truth so I can lie for you.’”

This should prove itself to be one of the best Hank-centric stories of the season, at least in terms of him realizing that his way isn’t always the right one. We know that he’s been resistant to change for the past year and a half, but is there ever an occasion where a tiger could change his metaphorical stripes?

What do you most want to see when it comes to Chicago PD season 9 episode 7/

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