Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 7: Possible Return Of Ethan?

NBC may have only shared a few seconds of Chicago Med season 7 episode 7 in their newly-released promo, but they did enough to leave us excited. How can we not be over the return of one Ethan Choi? This is a character who has been absent for the entirety of the season following his injury in the season 6 finale.

Ever since that time, Brian Tee’s character has been off in recovery, though the actual reality here is that the actor was off working on another project in the months used to film the first six episodes. It was reported from the start that he would eventually return, even if we had to wait a little while to see that play out.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 7: Possible Return Of Ethan?

So does Ethan’s return mean that he will be working in the ED immediately? We think we should all take a small step back before guaranteeing anything here. We’d love to have a chance to see more of Tee’s character doing what he does best, but there could still be a recovery time here! Even with him back we’re anticipating a few bumps in the road as he tries to regain his footing. Working as a doctor in this environment is stressful — think in terms of the long hours and the wide array of challenges you face almost around every turn.

While the promo showcases everyone huddling around Ethan as he prepares to come back, there’s only so long that they can focus on him! There’s going to be a lot of hour typical drama at the center of this episode as Crockett, Vanessa, and several other characters take on significant challenges at the hospital. Nothing ever seems to slow down here; if it did, would there really be all that much of a show?

What do you most want to see when it comes to Chicago Med coming up?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes on the matter now below! After you do just that, stick around to ensure that you don’t miss any other updates.


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