How To Check Newegg Gift Card Balance Online and at Store

Newegg Commerce Inc., formerly Lianluo Smart Limited, is one of the leading American e-commerce companies. It is a top online retailer of all types of items, including consumer electronics and computer hardware. It is situated in the City of Industry, California. The company was founded in 2001 by Fred Chang. Newegg offers premium quality products at competitive prices, and its excellent customer support has helped it create a huge client base. The secret mantra of its success is its highly satisfied customer base. Started from California, it is rapidly multiplying its branches to reach every corner of the globe.

How To Check Newegg Gift Card Balance?

There are primarily three ways to check your Newegg gift card balance, which are as follows –

  • Check the balance online.
  • Check the balance offline at a nearby store.
  • Check the balance via customer service support.

How To Check Newegg Gift Card Balance Online and at Store

How To Check Your Gift Card Balance Online?

Checking your gift card balance online is one of the easiest and most convenient ways. Follow these simple steps to check your Newegg Gift Card balance online –

  • Click on this link to get to the official Newegg Gift Card Balance Checker website.
  • Now, simply put your Gift Card number and pin code at specified areas.
  • Then, hit the “Check Balance” button to get the complete details.

How To Check Newegg Gift Card Balance At Stores?

To check the balance offline, you need to reach out to a nearby store and there the officials can help you out in the process, To locate your nearest Newegg branch, follow these steps –

  • Click on this link to reach the official Newegg store locator page.
  • Now enter your zip code and city information.
  • Next hit the “Search” button to get all details.

How To Check Your Gift Card Balance Via Customer Care?

If you are struggling to check the balance online or you are too lazy to reach out to your nearest branch, you can simply connect to the Newegg customer service executive for quick assistance. Follow these steps to reach out to the customer support –

  • Dial 1-800-390-1119 to connect to Newegg customer support.
  • Now follow the instructions carefully and choose the correct helpline extension to the balance checking option.
  • Now enter your card details and security pin to continue.
  • Now, wait to get the complete details about your Newegg gift card.


How To Claim Your Gift Card Points?

If you a Newegg gift cardholder, you can easily redeem your reward points at any offline Newegg branch, or you can use them on the official website at

How To Replace Your Gift Card In Case It Is Lost or Stolen?

If your Newegg gift card is lost or stolen, you can easily reclaim it with the original receipt. Reach out to your nearest Newegg branch with the receipt for quick assistance.

How To Use A Pin-less Newegg Gift Card?

A security code or a pin is an extremely important component of a gift card. If you want to use your card online, you must mandatorily have a security code. However, if you own a pin-less card, you can redeem its points in any offline Newegg branch.


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