Censor Issues with Rana’s Virata Parvam and Chiranjeevi’s Acharya may cause a delay in the release

Virat Parvam and Koratala Siva’s Acharya have a close connection. The two films are laced with close thoughts of Naxals. It was noticed that the Censor certificate was a challenging task in the country with a broader guideline and task. The films are seen to be fictional which are not realized by people. Thus, the censor board had massive restrictions on the film’s content that does not draw any criticism.

The trouble had a specific reason: the recent Maoist ambush that had happened in Chhattisgarh where jawans of 22 CRPF were killed. The forum had also come forward to support martyr CRPF jawans based in Hydrabad’s organization that had an Anti-Terrorism Forum that had brought in support of the CRPF jawans.

Hyderabad’s organization had an Anti-Terrorism Forum that had a Censor board for the clearance issue in the two films named Acharya and Virata Parvam.

Since both these films had a process thought, it was encouraged that the film had radical views that were totally discouraged. The Anti-Terrorism Forum announced this. The Censor board further met the forum to issue various statements in doing multiple rounds on social media.

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Any Updates on the release date of Acharya and Virata?

Some of the interest groups and Urban Naxals were trying hard to push the agenda by the use of these movies. Due to the nation’s internal security interest and integrity, these two movies were requested to be banned as they deal with Maoism and Naxalism ideologies in general.

The two films, Acharya and Virata Parvam, are said to have a release date which was expected to be on May 13th and April 30th accordingly. But there is massive chaos with anti-Terrorism Forum who had prohibited the release.

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