Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Plot, Release Date, Cast & Much More

As we prepare for the Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premieres on November 21, why not put the emphasis on the cast? While you can broadly think of this as Tariq’s show, it’s also about an ensemble. Somehow, every person in this group will be making their voices heard by the time the season is over. Some will help Tariq, while others may harm them.

Leading up to the new season, Starz has released a number of character-specific posters. Why not delve deeper into some of them here?

So where is a good starting point for this discussion? Let’s dive into Tariq’s right hand in Brayden.

Of course, Brayden has already proven himself to be a loyal friend when they come – he’ll do everything he can to make sure Michael Rainey Jr.’s character. is okay. However, are there limits to that loyalty? Can too much be thrown at him at once?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Plot, Release Date, Cast & Much More

You can see one with Cane and the word “respect” next to the Brayden poster above it. Will he ever make it? It’s important to remember here that respect is often earned and, at least for now, we don’t think it’s there yet. There’s still some work to be done to make sure it’s worthy of trust. The guy has LOTS of skeletons, plus a couple of instances where he’s clearly turned villainous.

Now let’s look at Monet, who is marked with the word ‘Deception’. She is both Tariq’s greatest asset and worst enemy, as she wants power and will do whatever she can to get it. She can only be trusted to a certain extent. Sooner or later she could make her own move and you have to be prepared for that! David, marked with the word ‘Ambition’, is similar in that he will always think of himself first. At this point, we’re especially curious about how he’ll be seen, as his role will likely be different now. It must be almost after the way season 1 ended.

Which story are you most looking forward to? Power Book II: Ghost season 2?

Be sure to share it in the comments now! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned – other updates are coming and we don’t want you to miss them.


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