Casino psychology tricks: A ploy to make you stay longer

Entering a casino for the first time can be overwhelming. A player can lose their way inside. The glittery decor, flashy lights, glamorous people, free flowing alcohol and the best music can captivate your senses. As a result, we don’t see the red flags all around.. They are camouflaged so well that we don’t notice them.

Here are a few psychological tricks that you should notice immediately when you enter a casino.

Spot any windows, maybe?

A casino is designed so that once you step inside it, it is unlikely that you can keep track of time. Be it 3 am or 3 pm, a casino will look the same. So, if you entered a casino without a watch, good luck getting out of there in time.

Casino games are incredibly captivating. When you are playing, you can hardly keep track of how long it has been. This is because not only the games, but the whole atmosphere is designed to make you stay for longer. The more you stay, the more you will play. This way, the casino house will earn more. Since there are no windows, you’re likely to forget what the outside world is like, and continue gambling.

Bright lights and music

Casinos are always buzzing with the brightest of lights and music. This is done to attract you to the games that have the highest house edge, such as slots. Slot machines in a casino are lit all the time to entice you and make you believe that you will win the next round.

Sound is another trick that casinos use to make players believe that time hasn’t passed. Usually, there are two kinds of music in a casino. Either it is a few beats and instruments on loop, or it is incredibly upbeat music. If the music is on loop, it is likely that it is to trick your brain into believing too much time hasn’t passed yet. If it is upbeat music, it is to give you an adrenaline rush so that you play with less caution and make bigger bets.

Casinos are a maze of games

Once you are done playing, and decide to go out, it is then you realise you do not know the way out. This is another trick employed by casinos to prevent you from leaving. Casinos are designed to be devoid of any landmarks, which makes it harder to find your way out. On every nook and corner, there is a machine to tempt you back into playing.

If you do enter a casino, make sure to remember where you came from, and once you have decided to leave, don’t let the temptation get the better of you.

Playing with digital credits 

Another brilliant trick is playing with digital credit instead of cash. When you are playing with cash, you are aware of what you’re spending on each game. However, digital credit does not work that way. There are values assigned to credits, and since it doesn’t look like real money, it doesn’t make you feel as guilty for spending it. This is why swiping a card at a casino game table is followed as a rule in every casino.

In the end, you might have spent more, but you only get to know when you go to the customer representative to return the card. By then, it is usually too late to go back on that expense

Shelling out near wins 

Imagine, you have to get five cherries for the jackpot, but you end up getting four and a small payout in return. What would you do? You would take a chance and play once or twice.

This is a strategy employed by casinos to keep you going longer on slot machines. They entice you with smaller, “almost there” payouts. This way, they do not have to shell out too much money, but by giving you the feeling that success is around the corner, they are able to make you play more. The more you play, the more the casino earns. 

Celebrating the big win

Whenever the big jackpot is won, all the lights become brighter, music becomes louder, there is an announcement of the winner, all the bells and whistles go off and the staff comes in to congratulate. A casino makes a massive show of a player winning a huge jackpot, considering they are the ones paying.

Being on the casino floor, when someone wins the jackpot makes you want to try out the game, too. The attention and celebration is all a ploy to lure you into playing. 


These were a few psychological tricks used in casinos to ensure that players stick around and play more. To enjoy your favourite games with a little less stress, try playing at new online casinos from the comfort of your home.

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