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Can You Really Win at Online Blackjack?

Blackjack. One of the most popular casino games the industry has ever come across. The modern gambling giants might be very keen to offer multiple variants of online blackjack in online casinos, the legacy goes far back. 

In this post, we plan to discover the brief history of the game and how you can get started at an online casino with your dream to hit 21 at online blackjack. 

The Revolutionization of Blackjack

The name ‘Blackjack’ is fairly new. But the concept of the game goes back to the 18th century. Spain, Italy, and France have a history of playing similar card games at that time. Historians depict that the modern blackjack we know might be a predecessor of Spanish Trente-un, Italian Sette e Mezzo, and French Quinze.

Soon after, there were multiple bans on gambling in the European region. And it led to the boom in popularity in America in the 19th century. The name ‘Vingt-et-un’ is very close to the people who like the history of blackjack. 

It was a gambling parlor in Nevada City, California. Elenor Dumont, an expert card dealer from France, started her business that only allow rich men to come and play against her. Men from all over the country visited her installation. Finally, the journey of Madam Dumont ended with the end of the gold rush. 

In 1931, the state legislation of gambling was passed in Nevada. The game of blackjack was known as 21 at that time. Casinos started to pop up all over the city. Some of them offered a humongous 10:1 payout to players who get a hand of 21 with an Ace of Space and any of the black jacks, either spades or clubs. 

The payout scheme was gone after a while, but the name ‘Blackjack’ stuck. And that’s the blackjack we know today. 

Online Blackjack 

The game of blackjack has been hugely popular among gamblers. Since the inception of online casinos in the mid-1990s, people started to experience online blackjack. With the same rules and payouts, people didn’t have to leave their homes at all! It was a major push the online gambling industry needed.  

As internet technology flourished, live casinos were introduced. And since then, online blackjack didn’t have to turn back. Numerous blackjack casinos offer a multitude of blackjack variants across the world, with the same principle in mind. 

Now, let’s explore the game from the ground up. 

What is Online Blackjack Game?

Live Blackjack is a simple card game played with a dealer and multiple players. The players don’t play against each other. Rather, all of them play against the dealer. The goal for both the players and the dealer is to get as close to 21 without going over. Hence, it’s also known as 21 in many online casinos. 

The mechanics of the game is very simple. Each of the players is dealt 2 cards each, and the dealer gets 2 cards. The hand closest to 21 wins. A hand of 21 is known as the ‘Blackjack’. You can also call it a natural if you want. Going over 21 is known as a ‘Bust’.  

But the strategies that go behind each hand are quite complex. It’s a game of mathematical probability more than luck. So, your decision during the game will influence the outcome. 

Remember, the casino you’re playing at will always have an advantage over you known as the house edge. That’s exactly why you need to understand the bets and the strategies inside out to even have a chance to beat the dealer when you play blackjack. 

Rules of the Blackjack Online Table 

Different online casinos deploy different sets of rules. Before you decide on one and play, you must know them. However, there are some universal rules and techniques that apply to almost all variants of blackjack. Let’s take a look at some. 

Card Values 

The first thing that’s going to be similar across all online casinos is the card values. It doesn’t matter if the table uses 1 deck or 6 decks in a shoe. The card values are always going to be the same. 

Cards 2 through 10 are at their face value. Picture cards i.e. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are valued at 10. That leaves the aces on the table. Aces can either be 1 or 11, it’s up to you. And this rule brings more opportunities for you to turn the table than any other card game. 


At the beginning of a game, the dealer starts by dealing one face-up card to the leftmost player. All of the players get one card including the dealer. He or she then proceeds with dealing the second face-up card to all the players. But this time, the dealer gets a face-down card. It’s known as the ‘Hold Card’ in blackjack online. 

Bets at a Blackjack Card Game 

When you play blackjack for real money, you must know your options properly. That’s where knowing the bets come into play. You may win a few hands out of sheer luck. But it will soon run out if you don’t plan your moves. 

Let’s look at some of the moves. 

  • Stand: You are happy with your cards and want to keep them. 
  • Hit: You want 1 or more cards to increase your likelihood of winning. 
  • Double Down: You double your stakes in return for one card. 
  • Split: You split your hand into two separate hands for identical cards. For example, you can split two 10s to double your bet. 
  • Surrender: You forfeit your cards and get half of your bet back. 

The Soft 17 Rule 

Many online casinos capitalize on the Soft 17 rule. It’s your job to know it exists at the casino before you start playing. The rule dictates that if the dealer has 17 include an Ace, it’s a soft 17. And the dealer must hit. It will change the house edge and increase the possibility of the dealer winning. 

Wrapping Up 

Online blackjack is a game of wonders. It presents you with the opportunity to beat the casino with your skills and strategies. So, make sure you know the rules for each casino properly before you make a deposit. Read the table rules carefully and take the right decision at the right time. 


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