Can Dogs Actually Have Cinnamon: Is It Safe & Are There Any Benefits?

When it comes to your dog’s nutrition, you probably consider yourself a sort of an expert, especially if you have had this animal for a long time. If you have just adopted a canine, though, then you are most likely in the process of learning everything about what it can and cannot eat and getting more info on all the ingredients that are safe, as well as those that are toxic for this animal. So, you’ll consider yourself an expert in no time, after you’ve learned all of those things.

No matter how knowledgeable you actually are on the topic of canine nutrition, one ingredient or another is bound to pop up and confuse you from time to time. In this case, the ingredient in question is cinnamon and it is most definitely making you rather confused. You are wondering if your canine can have it and whether it is safe for them. On top of that, even if it turns out to be safe, you will probably start wondering if there is any point in giving it to your pet in the first place. To put it differently, even if your canine can consume cinnamon, the question is whether it should and why.

Can Dogs Actually Have Cinnamon: Is It Safe & Are There Any Benefits?

Well, you are one lucky person, since I am about to give you the answers to all of those questions that are swirling around your head whenever dogs and cinnamon are mentioned together in a sentence. Okay, I guess that luck doesn’t have too much to do with it, since you have probably been searching for the answers to these questions, which is what led you to this post in the first place. In any case, though, the point is that you are about to get your answers and find out if your canines can actually have cinnamon and whether there are any benefits to it.

Since you have found your way here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you are thinking about giving this ingredient to your pet. You might have bought certain treats containing it, or you might have thought about baking your own, home-made dog treats, and you want to know if adding cinnamon to those is a good idea. Whatever your reasons might be, the bottom line is that you need the answers to those questions and you are now going to get them.

Can Dogs Actually Have Cinnamon: Is It Safe & Are There Any Benefits?

Is It Safe?

Unsurprisingly, the first question you actually have is this – is cinnamon safe for dogs? After all, you won’t go any further with your research if you find out that this ingredient isn’t safe for your canines and that they shouldn’t consume it. There is no point in checking if there are any benefits if you figure out that a specific ingredient can be harmful. Well, let me immediately cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know.

In few words, cinnamon is safe for your canines to consume. Of course, you should be careful about the type that you are administering, and make sure to choose the one that contains rather low levels of coumarin, since consuming large amounts of this substance can lead to liver damage and certain other medical conditions. So, as long as you choose a product that doesn’t contain high levels of the substance known as coumarin, you’ll be good to go and you won’t need to worry about safety at all. All in all, cinnamon is safe for canines, but choosing the type carefully is important.

Are There Any Benefits?

The above brings us to our next question. Why would you even think about giving this ingredient to your animal and worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right type when simply avoiding it altogether is much easier? That is a great question and, in order to answer it in more details, you’ll need to hear about the benefits of cinnamon for your canines. Yes, you have heard that right. There are actually benefits to giving this ingredient to your pet, and that is precisely why you should think about administering it instead of avoiding it.

First things first, cinnamon is known for being able to help your canine maintain a healthy weight and prevent it from becoming obese. This is why owners with diabetic dogs frequently add this spice to its diet, since diabetes can easily lead to obesity and it appears that cinnamon can stop that. In addition to that, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that it can reduce swelling and joint pain, which makes it perfect for canines suffering from arthritis. On top of all that, it can fight gastrointestinal disorders, improve physical resistance, as well as generally strengthen your pet’s immune system. Though cinnamon can be very beneficial for your dog’s health, it is imperative not to use it as a replacement for any medications your dog needs. Regular vet check-ups will help give you a better picture of how cinnamon is helping your dog and if there are conditions that need other remedies. If your dog develops a health issue that demands more than cinnamon, pet insurance for dogs can help cover expenses.

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What’s The Verdict?

Now that you have read all of the above, you are probably interested in hearing the verdict about dogs eating cinnamon in general. So, to put things simply, this ingredient is not only completely safe for your pets, but it can actually be rather beneficial, which is precisely why most owners are introducing it to their animals’ diets. If you have been thinking of doing the same, you can feel free to buy some cinnamon treats, or the right type of this spice if you want to add it to your canine’s food all on your own, and start administering the product in order to promote your pet’s health.

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