Call the Midwife Season 10 Episode 5: Everything You Need To Know

Are you excited for Call the Midwife season 10 episode 5 on PBS next week? It’s nice to know there is happy content ahead!

The engagement of Cyril and Lucille is one of the things that we’re most excited for entering this episode and for good reason. These two have gone through quite a bit already and at this point, it’s nice for them to have something big to plan for. Not only that, but everyone within the Nonnatus world is going to do their part to make them feel happy and special.

Call the Midwife Season 10 Episode 5: Everything You Need To Know

Prepare for a number of lovely moments there, but also remember that this is Call the Midwife. We would not consider this the sort of show where there are happy things around every corner; the midwives are going to face challenges aplenty, especially with Sister Julienne having to take on a wide array of home visits.

To get some more context about this, or what else could be coming in this episode overall, be sure to check out the Call the Midwife season 10 episode 5 synopsis below:

With Sister Hilda away on a refresher course, Sister Julienne steps in to carry out home visits. The new Pupil Midwives settle in. An overly protective mother struggles to cope with her daughter’s teenage pregnancy and frustrates Pupil Midwife Nancy.

At this point, we’re at the halfway point in the season! We have a good feeling that from here on out, certain stories will escalate — but the core of the show will remain the same. Think in terms of heartfelt moments where you smile and/or tear up here and there.

What do you think is going to be coming on Call the Midwife season 10 episode 5?

Be sure to share all of your thoughts and hopes right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, stick around — there are some more updates on the way and of course, we don’t want you missing any of them.


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