Call My Agent Season 5 Release date, Will Return for S5 and a Movie Spinoff

After the end of the 4th season on Netflix, the famous French Tv show ‘Call My Agent’ is assumed to make a spin-off movie and a 5th Season of the show with the same french producers and broadcasters.

Cast & crew

The main characters are Camille Cottin as the role of andréa Martel , Thibault de montalembert as Mathias Barneville.

Grégory montel ,Liliane rovère ,Fanny Sidney,Laure calamy ,Nicolas Maury,Stéfi Celma are also seen in the supporting roles.

Call My Agent Season 5


Call my agent (Dix pour cent) is a French television series that aired on France 2 on 14 of October in 2015. The basic storyline of this show is A talent agency (Agence Samuel Kerr). ASK is governed by Andrea, Mathias, Gabriel, Arlette. This agency is skillfully combined with art and business tactics by juggling risky situations and defending its business vision.

The sudden death of the agency’s founder makes the story more complex by taking us behind the scenes of a wild world celebrity where every sense of humans constantly collides.

About season 5

According to reports, Netflix is now making both a spin-off and 5th season of this show with the same production team.

The 5th spin-off would mainly focus on the development of Camille Cottin’s character as Andrea. It is assumed the movie might come after Andrea to new york as previously she has considered working with an American talent agency. It is a reboot that would make sense chronology after the Film.

There is no confirmed information on the release date of season 5 yet. But it is confirmed that we would see a thrilling and exciting series of calling my agent with the interaction of new agents with Andrea on Netflix.


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