C U Soon Release Date is September 1st, Cast, Plot and Trailer | Movie fully shot on iPhone | Amazon Prime

Earlier last week, Amazon announced that the Malayalam film, CU Soon, directed by Mahesh Narayan, would be premiering exclusively on their Prime Video streaming service on September 1st. The trailer for CU Soon dropped earlier today to widespread praise and we couldn’t be more excited to see the movie when it drops.

The film has taken inspiration from the 2018 John Cho led thriller Searching in the way that it is shot and presented and it is evident by the trailer presented. Unlike Searching, however, CU Soon was shot in more grim circumstances during the lockdown that had been enforced from March 25th. Due to lack of resources brought upon by the pandemic and lockdown, CU Soon was shot using only a mobile phone and we can’t get over how cool that is. Director Mahesh Narayan assured people that all precautionary measures were taken during the shooting to ensure the safety of the crew, and is excited to share this unique piece with his audience.

CU Soon Cast

CU Soon stars veteran actor Fahadh Faasil in the lead playing the role of a software engineer. Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran are also set to appear. Darshana Rajendran is to play the role of the missing fiance while Roshan Mathew is the cousin who helps Fahadh out in his search for his fiance.

CU Soon Plot

The movie follows a software engineer living in Kerela who is asked for help by his cousin in finding his fiancee who left a suspicious video suicide note before she went missing in Dubai. Using his skills, the investigation forces the engineer to delve into depths of a world he wishes he didn’t discover. The movie and its story are intended for mature audiences and this seems evident by the trailer released today.

CU Soon Full Movie Online

CU Soon is set to release on September 1st on Amazon Prime Video and will be exclusive to the streaming platform.

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