the room in an Airbnb-apartment: more than 250 hosts without registration have been imposed in Berlin in fines.

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A year after the introduction of fines for landlords of illegal apartments in Berlin in the balance sheet of the districts is ambiguous. Although were imposed against more than 250 hosts, fines and 1.5 million euros to be taken, as a survey of the German press Agency revealed. More properties were registered.

The districts continue to numerous illegal apartments. Several councilors criticize that handle rights against platforms like Airbnb are missing. Besides, it doesn’t give enough staff for inspections.

“The possibility of illegal apartments to track down, is not increased much”, criticized Ramona Reiser, councillor for citizen services in the district of Mitte. The platform operator, have a seat and a Server abroad, do not have any user data. “Contrary to, among other things, Airbnb is often offered co-operation, this is not seen in the approach to,” lamented Pankow Vice-mayor classed Kuhn.

Because the Rents are rising in the city, regulates the Senate of the market for apartments – more apartments permanently to Berlin can be rented. Who wants his rental or condo at all to tourists or business people to rent, need a permit from the district. Anyone who offers only a room for guests, it does not need this, but a registration number. They must be specified on the rental portals and to help the authorities to enforce the rules.

Airbnb disagreed with the criticism from Berlin. Flat-rate and could not give further details. In Munich, the company goes to the court against a regulation of the city.

non-bureaucratic solution in Hamburg

Effective housing protection, but it is possible, – said an Airbnb spokesperson. The show in Hamburg. Even there, landlords need to register their apartments since April, however, online and free of charge. Only with the number the host can advertise. Berlin you offer for two years, as a solution. The way the capital was, however, bureaucratic, unclear and not digital.

Who rents without the required registration or approval, in Berlin since August of 2018, with fines up to 500,000 euros. This maximum amount has not yet been achieved but, far from it. Around 6000 euros, you must pay the apartment owner in the average but. It depends on how big is the economic advantage of the apartment owner was.


chief strategist Nathan Blecharczyk

Drives Airbnb, the Rent in the amount? The founder is expressed in the stern Interview

The highest fines imposed by Lichtenberg and Steglitz-Zehlendorf, with peak values of each of 37.500 Euro. The largest total, came together in the trendy district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with around 950,000 euros.

around 1900 apartments are approved in accordance with the REUTERS-poll by the districts, around 3000 registration numbers, the most awarded, in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte. According to earlier estimates by the Senate, there were in the city, but at least 20,000 apartments, or rooms that are rented for holiday purposes. In Tempelhof-Schöneberg, for example, where approved for 243 apartments, the district office of up to 1200 illegal homes.

“could Previously be done only to a limited extent of research on the Internet,” said Reinickendorf. You do not have enough people. The edge of the city district has imposed since last August, no fine. 48 apartments are approved, the authority estimates that there are 300.

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Drives Airbnb, the Rent in the amount? The founder is expressed in the stern Interview tib/REUTERS topics in this article, Berlin Airbnb fine apartment Hamburg Deutsche Presse-Agentur Pankow

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