Bumper Kannada Movie Teaser, Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast & Crew

The Teaser of the Kannada film Bumper released on 6th September 2020 by Anand Audio Channel on youtube officially. The film Bumper is an Indian, Kannada Language romantic action thriller that stars Dhanveerah (Dhanveer Gowda), and Rama Chandra Raju in the lead roles. The teaser, so far, has got a satisfactory response from the audience with around 115 thousand views, and 16 thousand likes in less than 24 hours.

Bumper Cast & Crew:

The film Bumper features Dhanveerah in the lead role, while Rama Chandra Raju who recently impressed the audience with his role of Garuda in K.G.F Chapter 1 has also taken part in this film. The Female lead and rest of the cast are yet to be announced by the film unit.

Bumper Kannada Movie Teaser, Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast & Crew Happy Birthday to Dhanveerrah

This film was written by Arun Balaji and got directed by Hari Santhosh. B. Ajaneesh Loknath has composed the Music for the film, Naveen Kumar.L is the Cinematographer for the film. The film got jointly produced by Nisha Venkat Konanki & Suprith under the banner “KVN Productions”

Bumper Plot:

Bumper Kannada Movie Teaser, Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast & Crew

There is no information about the plot of the film. The teaser just showcases intense scenes featuring Dhanveer with guns and fighting goons. There is no dialogue or any voice over in the teaser so we cannot predict any story here.

Bumper Release Date:

The film unit did not mention any date of release for the film in the teaser due to the COVID Pandemic. We can understand that the film will be released soon after this Pandemic gets finished and Theatres starts running. The film may also opt to release in any of the OTT Platforms as that will be another alternative option for the producers.

Bumper Kannada Movie Treaser, Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast & Crew Wallpaper HD

Dhanveer has done his debut film ‘Bazaar’ in the year 2019 where Aditi Prabhudeva played the female lead in the film, and the film was written and directed by Simple Suni. The film turned out to be a decent hit and gave a good recognization for Dhanveer.

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