BTS In The Soop Episode 4: Release Date & What To Expect

BTS In The Soop Season is an amazing way for the audiences to see and understand the K-pop band beyond the glamorized version. It is basically a reality show that was first released on August 19, 2020, on JTBC and Reverse. JTBC is a TV network, and Weverse is an online platform. In season 1, there were a total of 8 episodes. The second season was released on October 15, 2021, and is confirmed to have a total of five episodes.

BTS In The Soop Episode 4: Release Date & What To Expect

The initial four episodes of this show will come on both Weverse and JTBC, while the final episode, i.e., episode 5, will come only on Weverse. The second season of the show- BTS In The Soop, allows audiences to watch the members indulge in recreational activities. The whole season is shot in a mountainside house.

Release Date of Episode 4 of BTS In The Soop Season 2

The fourth episode of BTS In The Soop will come on November 5, 2021. It will air on JTBC at 8 a.m. EST or 9 p.m. KST. The episodes are hour-long, and the new episodes come every week at the time as mentioned above and network. The international audiences can enjoy the show on Weverse. On Weverse, the episodes come an hour after their release.

Where can You Watch Episode 4 of BTS In The Soop Season 2 Online?

The show is available to stream on WeVerse, which is a Korean platform. International viewers can easily sign up and enjoy the show. The show is not available on any other streaming platform currently.

Expected Plot of Episode 4 of BTS In The Soop Season 2

In this episode, we will probably see our favorite BTS members doing things except making music. Jin, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V will be seen indulging in their individual hobbies as they take a break from the band. All of this will be in a mountainside home, and Bam (Jungkook’s pet) will also be there, giving them company. Bam is a Dobberman puppy.

Recap of Episode 4 of BTS In The Soop Season 2

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, the third episode’s title, showed Jungkook entering the kitchen for breakfast. The next person to wake up was Jin, and he went to the pool to relax before getting inside. Later, he headed towards the kitchen with Suga and Jungkook. For breakfast, this trio made haemul kalguksu.

Jungkook headed with Bam for a walk and then participated in the karaoke session, which was happening in the living room. RM went upstairs to read books, and it was J-Hope’s first time making croffles. Suga also went upstairs to join RM. V and J-Hope, with their cars, went outside. The cars were remote-controlled. Jungkook went with his ATV. After returning, Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jimin were playing tennis.

Jin, in the living room, enjoyed playing Super Mario. V and Jimin were in the PC room and were playing games. Suga and Jungkook took over the kitchen duties, and J-Hope assembled a water rocket. Both Suga and Jungkook made suyuk and pork belly for dinner. After having dinner, the boys enjoyed playing volleyball. J-Hope didn’t participate in the game and instead chose to inspect it. Then, J-Hope and Bam went together. This is how their day went.


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