Browsers Comparison: Which is Considered the Best for SMM Specialists

Comparison of TOP 5 Browsers For SMM Specialists

Unfortunately, many people think that an SMM specialist is responsible for only two functions: posting content and communicating with users. But no! An SMM specialist is responsible for many operations:

Browsers Comparison: Which is Considered the Best for SMM Specialists

  • Analytics: analysis of competitors and target audience.
  • Strategy development: defining goals and developing a strategy to achieve them, selecting a platform for implementation.
  • Content: development of a content plan, content generation, posting, and subsequent analysis of its involvement.
  • Setting up advertising: targeted advertising and advertising in thematic communities and everything related to attracting the target audience.
  • Reporting: conducting comprehensive analytics of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Quite a few tasks, isn’t that so? Each SMM specialist needs a browser to complete these tasks because all work is aimed at the Internet platforms. Which browsers are the best at the job? Let’s take a look at the statistics:

Browsers Comparison: Which is Considered the Best for SMM Specialists

This diagram is a vivid example of which SMM specialists most often download browsers. Therefore, we will conduct a browser comparison in the order indicated in the statistics and find out how effective they are.

Comparison Criteria

To conduct an honest internet browser comparison, we selected the evaluation criteria:

  • Security and Privacy.
  • Convenience.
  • Speed.
  • Portability.
  • The number of extensions for the work of SMM specialists.

Based on this data, you can choose the browser that will increase your productivity.

Security and Privacy

Since all the work of SMM specialists is focused on entering the Internet and using online programs, each expert wishes to maintain privacy and security. Let’s start with the presence of a private browsing mode, thanks to which the search history will be automatically deleted. All five browsers have this feature.

The second function is to block third-party tracker cookies by default. This feature allows users to prevent websites from monitoring their online activities. All browsers except Chrome have this feature.

The third function is blocking crypto mining scripts. Have your electricity bills suddenly increased? Does your laptop battery run out faster? Unfortunately, these problems do not arise because SMM specialists sit for hours at work. The problem is that cryptocurrency miners can use your PC’s functionality, resources to generate cryptocurrency. At the same time, you will not even suspect it. All browsers except Safari and Chrome support blocking crypto mining scripts.

The fourth function is the ability to install VPN. Thanks to this feature, you can be invisible to hackers who are trying to track your online activity, steal passwords from social networks and credit cards, data on your work, etc. All browsers have VeePN extensions. One of the most functional and reliable one is Firefox VPN since it has strong 256-bit encryption. VPN is easy to use, and it have ad-block function.

Based on the web browser security comparison, we can answer the exciting question of the SMM specialists – Which browser has the best privacy? The leading positions are occupied by Firefox, Opera, and UC Browser.


Since experts in this profession spend more than 8 hours working on a laptop or computer monitor, the browser’s usability is an essential factor. Only two browsers are convenient and multifunctional: Firefox and UC Browser. When it comes to tabbed browsing, bookmark management, Opera, Safari, Chrome sometimes pauses due to problems and cannot restore tabs.

Firefox has spellcheck extensions, which is excellent for copywriters who create content on a website. We also note that all browsers have extensions for making screenshots – this is also a helpful feature that allows you to save information with one click. Which browser has the best performance? According to research, these are Firefox and UC Browser.


Every day, SMM specialists research competitors’ pages, looking for articles, design ideas, and much more. Hence browser loading speed is essential. To find out which browser is the fastest, we turned to several test reports: Kraken, SunSpider, Peacekeeper.

In the study, according to Kraken, researchers found the best results in Chrome and Firefox. They were able to process a larger amount of data in the allotted time. Opera was in the middle and at the end of Safari and UC Browser.

In the SunSpider test, the results were almost the opposite. So, UC Browser took the lead, followed by Opera with Firefox, and in the tail of Chrome and Safari.

Peacekeeper brought Opera and Chrome to the first place, but Firefox came in last in this test. As a result, Google Chrome is in the lead in the percentage of passed tests. He did not take the first place unconditionally but proved himself worthy in all tests. Apple’s Safari, on the other hand, almost failed all testing.

If you want to independently check the speed of loading pages in a particular browser, you can use services such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, WebPagetest. Also, remember that the speed of your Internet influences the speed of your website.

Browsers Comparison: Which is Considered the Best for SMM Specialists


Portability is how well the browser performs on devices. Of the top five browsers, not all work with the operating systems available in the digital world. For example, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera work with all operating systems and are easy to install. By the way, which browser uses the least memory?

Safari and UC Browser require the least memory. The two heaviest browsers are Opera and Firefox. Note that both are distinguished by good visualization – this can be an excuse for such a high memory consumption. However, Safari and UC Browser only work on Microsoft systems and certain Apple systems.

On mobile and PC, developers can pre-install UC Browser and Chrome. As for Apple devices, the developers pre-install Safari. If you need other browsers, you need to download them from Google Play and the App Store. If you download a browser for a PC, you can do this through UC Browser or any other that came with the device. Note that all browsers can easily interact with each other and not interfere with the work.

Number of Extensions for Work of SMM Specialists

Every expert in this profession needs tools:

  • For analytics.
  • For planning publications.
  • For tracking brand mentions on social media.
  • For parsing the audience.
  • For contests in social networks.
  • For speeding up work.

All of these tools do not need to be downloaded to your PC. You can add extensions to your browser and thereby save space on your laptop or computer. Which browser has the most extensions for an SMM specialist?

Google Chrome takes the first place – the browser has the largest collection of extensions for an SMM specialist. Mozilla Firefox comes in second as it is the most customizable. Although the collection of Firefox extensions is slightly smaller, many programs have no analogs in Chrome. The last positions are occupied by Opera, Safari, and UC Browser, as their priority is the usability and speed of downloading websites. All browsers have both advantages and disadvantages – choose the ones that best suit your goals.

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