The 20-year-old Derrick Byrd is rightly celebrated as a Hero: He saved his niece from a burning house. The fire broke out in the residential house of the family in Aberdeen, Washington. Byrd was able to save himself first to the outside, but his sister and her three young children were trapped on the second floor, surrounded by flames. The six-year-old Junior and three-year-old Rory jumped from the open window. Below, began to her uncle on. But then another misfortune: The mother slipped out of happened and fell from the roof. The eight-year-old daughter, Mercedes was no longer disturbed by them so that you have the courage to jump into Byrd’s arms. Terrified, she ran back into the burning house.

“you screamed my name”

There she called again and again the Byrds name. This immediately responds to the cries for help and ran back into the house to save his little niece. The American radio station KOMO, he says: “I couldn’t let them just sit there. I was able to leave my niece but it is not easy to die.” He managed to bring himself up to Mercedes by the strike and you are out. Thanks to his fearless actions, all family members survived the tragedy. The Byrds the face, neck, arms and back were burned by the flames difficult. He is with burns second, third, and fourth grade in the hospital. A large part of his body is wrapped with bandages. In a Video he talks about the stroke of Fate.

“to Me, it didn’t matter that I’ve burned”

Byrd has a strong attachment to his nephew and his niece. He spends so much time with the children of his sister as possible. You’re after the incident, according to the circumstances well. Which the fire is kindled in the house, has not yet been clarified. But one thing is for sure: Byrd’s heroic Act saved Mercedes life.

source : CNN, ABC



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