do you remember the trashy 90s talk shows? There are stories like the following of the classics included: A guest reported that he had met a woman over the Internet. For months, we would talk every day. It was all “totally intense”. You smell at least a spiritual kinship, and very likely, the “great love”. Just you’ve made so far, never, because you live so far away from each other. In the talk show, the long-awaited reunion, the kiss either in impetuous Tongue, or of the great disillusionment culminated followed. For example, if one of them had cheated at his photos.

Back to the year 2019. Online Dating is now everyday life. Most people only chat very briefly with each other to arrange a Date in your immediate area. There is no time to fall in love in advance.

Love From Hell

For men is still: no money, no love

A friend of mine, we’ll call you Isa, is exactly what happens anyway. She lives in Berlin and has written for three months on a Dating App with a guy from Barcelona. The Whole thing was really intense: every Day, talked on the phone several times to each other, to fall Asleep s Facetime (and Cybersex), there was, throughout the day it rained loving messages. “Good Morning, Beautiful!” to “How’s your day going?”

The two played in the “relationship”. But as real feelings for someone you never smelled that before, tasted, felt? To fall in love with the character of a people, the first sounds romantic. But is that enough indeed?

Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” is a 2015 released and promptly became a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for the 21 go–. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

Isas entire circle of friends, myself included, was skeptical. At the latest, as they drove about Christmas how else to their parents, but a flight to Barcelona booked.

“working yourself up into something”, I warned Isa. “You don’t know this man at all. What if he is kissing a bad thing? Or unpleasant smells? Or a perverted fetish?” My girlfriend laughed and said that they have exactly the same Fears, but at the same time she would feel such a close connection to him. “Maybe he’s Right,” she said to me. “He wants to drive with me in the spring to Italy. His family has a house there. There, we can stay later and our children, he says.” My girlfriend giggled. I was floored. Apparently, the two had planned their future together already, down to the smallest Detail. Brave! And also a bit misleading.

“tell him to capture his Personal and send me. Then at least I have his data. In the event that he turns out to be a lunatic Psychopath, you murdered, and dismembered“, I gave her still on the way.

Barcelona is not exactly around the corner

On the 25. December it was done. Isa landed in Barcelona and held me by WhatsApp to date: “He’s ten inches shorter than he said. But no matter. Otherwise, everything is cool. Kissed we have not yet. Go drink beer.” In the coming days, then was fucked, apparently, plenty of Sightseeing done. Their final conclusion Isa shared with me but not until after your return. She had to leave the Meeting first bag.

“I’m glad that I’m back home,” she said to me. “It was really nice and funny with him. But, fuck, he was so insanely long toenails! And the deep conversations we have. He also makes weird noises during Sex. And it smells actually A bit funny. I think I break the contact. The whole thing is a waste of time. And let’s face it – Barcelona is not exactly around the corner.“

so It was entered exactly what all had expected. Isas air was collapsed castle. HE saw, however, so! Long Isa tendon received addicts calls from your Spaniards. But they left him with an outstretched Arm starve to death.

Meanwhile, Isa is in a relationship with a work colleague. On your Cyber-love you says today: “I was lonely, and I longed to have close to. I wanted to take a man who loves me, I have a family. Therefore, I have projected all my dreams onto this Online Flirt, him as a man idealized, and me totally in this story is increased. Because at that time everything was what I had. Its true, I was able to lose only.“

Well. You can of course work, a story. But then, I’m afraid, a matter of pure luck.

Love From Hell

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