The love a man can provide the best female friendships on a bad sample. Sometimes the can’t accept a being on only the Second. Other Times, it sparks between her and the husband of the BFF. But the worst cliff: she discovers that the man her best friend is cheating on this.

The loyal Option to inform the girlfriend, is not often the best decision. The had to experience a reader of the British “Telegraph”. In an anonymous report with changed name, as she portrays her suffering. The woman had an unusually close relationship to the Couple and not only to her friend Nicola. After the death of her first husband, she was built by the two quasi-adopted slowly. Nicola massaged her soul, her husband Mike brought their finances in order.

shock in the conference hotel

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Cheating in the Cockpit – divorce war sexy Stewardess

Gernot Kramper

Later, the woman married again, and Mike and Nicola remained closely connected. Until last year, since she attended a conference in a Hotel. Through the window she saw Mike on the Golf course. But Nicolas Mike was standing next to an unknown Red-haired, put his Arm around her and patted her Butt.

For the reader was running the conference. She was confused and angry. Two glasses of wine, they could not calm down also. Upset, she stormed into the room of the couple. A bad error. This complicated and tricky Situation demanded prudence and a clear head and not have a scene with alcohol in the blood. Finally, you didn’t know anything about the background – so, for example, whether the Couple had made an Arrangement about such antics.

Instead, you reacted like a lioness, when she and not her friend had been cheated. She writes further: “Angry I yelled at him that I’d tell Nicola when he would not finish it. But he just said ‘it’s nothing to you’, and grabbed my Arm and pushed me out of the room.” Her own husband told her to stay away. But at a Party she could not hold back and asked Mike, once again furious for speech. The blocked off, so they dated for the next day with Nicola.

wrath and wounded Pride

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Gernot Kramper

you made everything wrong what you can do only wrong. The idea that the messenger is made for the bad news might be liable, not came you even. She wanted to open her friend’s eyes. Ironically, in a public Café Nicola should know that her husband is cheating on you. Far reasonable would have been a protected retreat in the Nicola room for your feelings would have found. So the signs were not good on confrontation.

The conversation took the course that they had expected. “First of all, Nicola seemed to be sad, she was mad and angry at me when I told her how I hit Mike in the Hotel.” Nicola said she wanted to separate. The could not accept the writer. As they insisted, to Nicolas Pride called and said Mike had all left in the lurch, to stand Nicola easy, and went out.

After that they never spoke to each other again, even an apology by phone didn’t help.

source: “Telegraph”

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