Once you are our biggest competitors, even our most reliable friends: brothers and sisters we have a relationship that is unlike any other in the world compare. You know us, have participated in every Phase of our life and no one else can bring us as easily in the palm as you. On the other hand, it means the world to us but also very much to get a praise, a compliment, or recognition of them. Even if we (mostly) a gene pool, are we so different that we can sometimes hardly believe that we have the same parents. But we, in turn, is so similar that a glance is sufficient in the eyes, and we know that we think the same.

The relationship with siblings is so ambivalent, because she is so emotional as to be unavoidable. No one has asked us if we want to live together with them. The family is an involuntary WG. So it can happen in the worst case, that one sounds broken and never again from each other, if you moved out of home. Fortunately that does not happen not so often as the opposite case, a certain feeling of connectedness, even if you live in the same place, and not necessarily regularly.

the day of the siblings

27 things to say to his brothers and sisters

By Susanne Baller, The eternal pecking order

siblings are like the first training camp, into which we are sent. To argue we learn more about us and to reconcile, to give in, or to consistently stay, to apologize for lying to us. We are competing with them for the favor of the parents, their attention and love. As a first born we carry as a child of responsibility for younger siblings and to get revenge for that, by delegating other duties to you. As the little sister or little brother, we have to endure pranks and meanness of the Larger. And as a sandwich child is anyway a very special role – on the however, each family something different therapist says …

in addition to the psychological terror and physical disputes take place, of course. We will fight us until one of us gives up. Of Muckireiten (one sits on the belly of the other and edited the upper arms with the knees) or On-the-hair-Pulling (more girls) to chase, to fight in the Ring. Not always the eldest child wins, according to the laws of the family constellation, each finds his Position and his Tricks (and tricks, haha).

The unbeatable Teams among siblings are of course twins. Glue them together and show it to often, like to the outside. They rarely occur alone, and some love it, this was also underlined by identical dress choice. You can tease everyone by claiming to be the one or the other. They seem to have telepathic powers and that sometimes makes us afraid but also jealous.

Everything is better than to be a single child – say single children

we Speak with individual children, you will quickly: you never wanted to be an only child. When you were small, you wanted someone who is always there and plays with them. Or a big brother, protecting you. Or a sparring partner in the Team of children against parents. And even as an adult you will feel a gap. On their shoulders the burden remains, for example, if the parents are old and in need of help. Family celebrations are held in the smaller frame, because more relatives die than.

As a child, with siblings, we see the sometimes different, if we have to share, jealous, or envious, or argue. Then we want sometimes … but it passes quickly. As adults, we appreciate what our parents. So much more than just endure the perpetual noise from the back seat of the car.


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