Sexstreik, Gebärstreik – Germany’s news in this issue comes not only in a political context. Activists wanted to stop by the downturn in the bed once the nuclear force, then the retrofit, and now climate change. It was only recently that the actress Alyssa Milano has created a stir, as they called on women to deny their men any intimacy, to protest against new abortion laws. In fact, a Sexstreik is probably more of a tried and tested weapon in the eternal battle of the sexes for Power in the relationship. In the “NZ Herald” have multiple women to this tactic is known – their Motivation, however, is very different.

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Maggie K., 38, is married in London and had a child. As a young woman you got to know your sexual Power. Today, she is convinced that regular Sex withdrawal strength of the woman and keep the man busy. Their discovery began As a 20-Year-old lived as a vegetarian, when she fell in love with a meat eater. But she kept her passion under control and turned to the man in front of the choice between Sex with her and the Steak on the Grill. After two weeks he broke, Maggie had won and learned.

From then on, she took advantage of the Sex-weapon, again and again, even your house you could renovate. In her marriage, she has perfected the method, because her husband was not the type to start an affair or an Escort would visit the Girl, she said the sheet.

You can tell Maggie K. a healthy sexual self-confidence. The well-known phrase “If you don’t sleep with your husband, it seems to have a different do” for you to have no validity. Without the strike, the Pair two to three Times in a week to have Sex, and then, apparently, correctly. “It’s a Win-win Situation; I am happy and he is sexually satisfied.”


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Whether a new fireplace, or other wall – paper-if your husband, there is only one: the Sex-strike. “It always works!”, Maggie K. cheers new coup after a month of withdrawal of the gods, husband bought her the desired holiday home in Turkey. Their summary: “We’ve been married for almost a decade happy, so I must be doing something right!”

The therapist Rob Pascale and Lou Primavera warn of this medium. You remember that good Sex and eroticism have a function, namely to create an emotional bond. Even if the Motivation of the partners is different. “Under normal circumstances, the Partner will feel after the Sex in General, closer to each other, regardless of how you felt before.” Regular Sex strength of the common emotions. In the case of a Sex-strike, this power plant is at a standstill.

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For the 23-year-old Alisa A. the Sex-strike is a simple way to your head to enforce. This you have not to be taken “lightly,” she said to the blade. However, her husband worked a lot and in his spare time, he neglected his wife and small son. He would rather watch football or with his friends to go out alone than to be with his family.

Three months, you have to talk to him, without success. Then she knew she had to do something “Big” to show him how serious it was. To leave him temporarily, was not an option for you, so you denied him Sex. “I missed having Sex, but I gave in because I wanted results,” she told the newspaper. It took some time – he delivered her theatrical scenes and tried to seduce her – without success. On the fourth weekend Alisa had won: her husband went away to play together with the child. She wanted the next weekend, she was able to loosen the beds-the spell again.


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The Chicago psychologist Kim Olver wrote: “Sex-strikes are very common because they are so effective.” Pippa V., 28, uses the Trick on a regular basis. She discovered the Sex strike because of a dispute over dirty Laundry. After their son was to the world, she noticed for the first time that your friend took care of all the house work. The Laundry is in Pippa V. s home is more complicated than for other pairs. Your friend works as a mechanic and his greasy Overalls must be separated from the other Laundry to be treated. But he left them carelessly all over the place and not cleared away you also when he was asked about it. “When I stumbled on his dirty Overalls, I’m freaked out.” In the night you announced to him that she would put him that’s why a week on a Sex diet. He assumed that she would give in. The but they did not.

After only three days he started the Laundry to collect and do in addition to things in the household. A great success for Pippa: “Since then, I use the Sex strike method with enthusiasm!” A minimum of ten Times you have moved your friend to Relent. She thinks she’s fair, after all, they warn him three times, before you blow them off.

That all sounds very manipulative. Therapists know, by the way, that there is a further variant of the Sex-strike, which is posed not only by women but also by men. And their is a lot to tackle harder, because with the denial of no objective. The reasons for the lull in the bed are then simply listlessness and lack of interest.

sources: Psychology Today; NZ Herald

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