thought anyone Who visited in the last few years, the Colosseum in Rome, sometimes like on the Set of a sandals film: no Matter where you looked, everywhere Fake gladiators were swords with Plastic and around belorbeerkranzte Centurions. Instead of 2000 years of architecture, you stared at the beer bellies with leather chest plates. With new Forbidden costume makers are now banned in the long term from the attractions of the Italian capital. Expensive it is especially if you take from tourists money for photos, or sell food and drinks. Infringements are subject to fines up to 400 euros.

restrictions for children’s car

The measure is part of a new set of rules, which was adopted by the city Council in Rome, in order to increase the quality of life of local residents. The new regulations include the prohibition to take a dip in the famous fountains such as the Trevi fountain, to bathe in it. That you are not allowed to climb on monuments, should be obvious. However, it is not seen now, when it is consumed in the immediate vicinity of Snacks. Because who wants to see the mozzarella, the Spanish steps balls rolling along?

Speaking of Spanish steps: strollers or rolling suitcases are not drawn, the steps of the historic monuments down. It is also prohibited to touch with the lips, the metal spout of the public drinking fountains – how to be controlled, is another matter.

On the road with the wine, let this be

in Addition, Drinking alcohol from glass bottles on public roads, in public transport and green areas after 22: 00 is prohibited. After 23.00 the Drinking of alcohol is prohibited in any of the containers. Even in Bars and Clubs, Mr stricter rules now rule: Between two a.m. and seven o’clock in the morning, no alcohol may be served any more, organized Bar tours are not allowed.



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